The Benefits of Volunteering in Schools

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  • Published: 17 May 2021
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In my opinion, students would greatly benefit from doing volunteer work or community service provided by their school due to the fact that not many sign up to do it voluntarily. 

To start with, volunteer work is one of the greatest things we as a people can do for the planet and for ourselves. It is quite the rewarding work and is found very fulfilling for many. In certain cases, it helps the volunteers realize what we as humanity can, and often times, do, take for granted. In my own personal experience, volunteering for my hometown of Hanford, has given me the greatest joy one could ever hope to find. It rewarded me with viewing someone's life change for the better and I myself have found that I have changed in a similar way. 

Yet, some believe that being forced into volunteering is not truly what it is meant to do. Some feel like it may even have an opposite effect on the individual doing said work. Nevertheless, in hearing experiences from colleagues, despite some being forced into volunteerism, they come out feeling positive, knowing what they have done has supported somebody else or even themselves.

Another point worth making is on the attitude of said the volunteer. An attitude can truly make a complete difference. Going into the work with a horrible attitude can only result in a horrible experience; however, going in with a positive one, knowing that you are the cause of a difference being made in the world, you come out with one of the best experiences in your life. 

As stated in the beginning, students would greatly benefit from volunteer work or community service provided by their school due to the fact that not many sign up to do it voluntarily. They will be rewarded and fulfilled and also teach them to not take things for granted as I have learned in my own personal experience. Some that have been forced into doing so, have come out saying it was a fantastic experience. Having the correct attitude is the real key to enjoying volunteering. And that is why, in my opinion, schools should make volunteer work a requirement.


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