The Best Websites About Career Research Paper

The Best Websites About Career Research Paper
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People would think that high school graduates that want to go to college and know the career pathway know everything they need to know about their career but that is not alway the case. For instance I am in the last months of my senior year but yet know very little about my career pathway. I have a lot of choices to make and not a great deal of time to make them. These choices will either make or break my life, and since there's no going back, I want to ensure that I make them to the best of my ability. High school is a time of fear and tension. Not only does this include school work and social life, but the school system plays as much of a role in it as the student himself. For many people that are in the same place stressing about finishing their schoolwork and college will need more information that can be found on websites that can help you to understand and choose what you want to do to help your future. When I make my final decision or said yes to a college I wanted to make sure that what I wanted, so this is why learning about the major we are interested in is an important  part during this time.

My plan is to go to college and my career pathway is business, there are still many things I need to learn and what branch of businesses I want to get into. One of the resources that I found extremely helpful was “College Majors 101” it really goes into deeper detail about the major and college or university that have excellent programs for the major of your choices. For instance, I found out that there is an amazing program at The University of Iowa for students that are interested in general businesses majors just like me. There were many other schools that were featured as the top 10 schools for a business major. Another important information that this website will give you is a general income if you pursue the major you have chosen for instance if I major in business as an operations research analyst I could make around 84 thousand dollars in a year. At the end it gives information about the major by using quotes that other Universities have given about the major. For example one of the quotes was from Northeastern University “A business education integrates the theory and practice of management through active learning, problem-driven research, corporate partnerships, and experiential assignments.” These quotes can really help inspire a person and get a little more information about what you will be doing or getting yourself into.

After reading about all the amazing options of careers i have i had to look into what college or university was the best fit for me. Yes the college website that I previously mentioned talks about some of the schools but we always have to research more and not just rely on one website. Another website that helped me better understand which school was best for me is “College Insight” gave me more information of the possible cost of the colleges I have in mind.  This website helped me understand the prices of supplies, tuition, if i was going to live on campus, and transportation.  It gives you a chart where you can add if the college you are thinking about is private or where it is located to give high school students a rough estimate of prices. One last interesting thing I found about this website is that it can compare public and private school to see which one is more convenient for my situation. This website is very helpful to see how much money I would need for college and where exactly all that money will go towards. This can help you decide because I would not want to have a debt of going to a private school when I can get the same education for a lower cost.

One last website that really caught my eye especially when you need financial help is “Federal Grant” this grant can help giving money to low income families for students to go college. A federal grant is an award of financial aid from a federal entity to a recipient for the purpose of promoting or stimulating a public purpose approved by U.S. law. Private non-profit organisations, such as foundations, non-profit corporations or charitable trusts, all of which are commonly referred to as charities, can also issue grants. Finding grants won't be easy and they might not award you many always but the federal garant is to help the students that need it the most.   

Overall there are so many factors that we have to consider in these last months of senior year. We have so much to do yet very little time to do it in. As a senior  I know that this time is stressful but we have to learn about every single option we have to make the best of our future. It is really up to you what you want your future to be, weather your oath is college or not. But be informed about every possible path even in the paths you are not interested in, there is no harm in learning about them. Are dreams and goals lay in our hands and only we decide what is best for us.

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