The Challenges Of Being A Student Athlete

The Challenges Of Being A Student Athlete
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According to NCAA research, more than 480,000 students compete as NCAA athlete but the reason that most attend was because of the offers they get from the colleges. If it were not for athletic scholarships, more college student-athletes would not be able to have the opportunity to attend college and get a degree because it could be too expensive for them to afford. When college student’s athlete does attend college, they can get overwhelmed with school, their sport and must worry about having some sort kind of income. During their season, the student athlete will not be able to have a job since they will be training and having games. Also, to be having to catch up with there assignments and being able to have time to study and have enough time to get a good rest as well. A player amount of rest and recover is important because it can lead them to have injuries if they do not take care of their body and health, so what they eat and what they do after or before a game are some key elements that are important. The everyday challenge that a college student athlete will face is time management, money, and injuries.   

Money is a key factor to attend college because the school requires you to pay for tuition, board, room, and other essential items. Many college students’ athletes would get scholarships through sports and academics, but those athletes that come from low-income families can determine their eligibility for student financial assistance. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) is a form completed by existing and prospective college students in the United States. Colleges use this form to see if the student is eligible for federal, state, and college-sponsored financial ais, including grants, educational loans, and work-study programs. For example, Johnny gets an offer to play soccer for a D 1 college but has a low GPA with a low ACT and SAT score. In addition, Johnny does not get that much money through his academic scholarships which does not reduce the cost down enough for him to be able to attend the college. Then that was FASFA comes in to help the student athlete, Johnny, to reduce the cost but Johnny must go through the difficult process for applying for it by gathering all of his financial information from previous year such as tax returns and w-2s, its incudes your parent’s information as well. When Johnny is done filling out the financial information that he has provided then the SAR will notify him if he did qualify for it. When Johnny gets the message that confirms he does qualify then next Johnny looks for verification forms from the college that had given him the offer. After Johnny pick the D 1 college that he got the offer from then he can fill out the verification forms and submits it which reduce the cost enough for him to attend and play for that college. Many college athletes has to go through the difficult process on getting the price right to attend and play but when they start their academic career then they have to learn how the balance out their academics and their sport as well as others components.

The Second challenge an athlete faces is time management. Many students’ athletes are disorganized with their time management because they are overwhelmed with work, school, and sports. A student athlete playing a sport at the college have many obstacles to face during the season and maybe even after because they will tend to miss class due to the student athlete having games, practice, or maybe preseason. According to the NCAA a 12-week regular season, translates into an average of nearly 16 missed classes per player, per season. That can leave a student athlete to be overwhelmed with having to do homework and in class assignments that the instructor had given out during class. It also a reason why student athletes must manage their time to be able to have enough time throughout the day to do assignments, train, and get a good rest. For example, the student athlete will have to miss a practice due to missing two days of classes, in those two days there are four in-class assignments due and there is 5 homework’s due as well, but the athlete will miss the information that the athlete needed to know to be able to get all his assignments done. In addition, the college athlete will tend to stay up at 3:00 am or later to get all those assignments done and to catch up. It can get frustrating and can cause stress for the athlete, but the athlete can avoid this by have an agenda to write when the assignment is due on that date, write when the team has in town and out of town games.

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