The Changing Role Of Women In Today's Society

Housekeepers. That’s how society labeled women not so long ago. Back when the only roles given to females were washing the dishes and clothes, taking care of their children and making sure every corner of the house is tidy. Good thing that label didn’t have to last forever, because as we all know, in this modern world, the only constant thing is change. And women, didn’t just adapted to the changes, we embrace them.

Now, women are not only followers, we became leaders. We don’t just balance expenses, we provide for our wants and needs. In present times, we are independent. Women can stand on their own feet without needing anyone’s approval. Women now? We are doctors; we are lawyers; we are teachers and we are everything that we dreamed for us to be. 

During this pandemic, women play huge roles to contribute to the safety and prevention of spreading the virus which caused us millions of deaths. Though, women as front liners are the most helpful individuals for this kind of situation, when we think about it, mothers play the bigger and more important role. Especially now that we need to balance work, being a wife and unlocking our inner doctor, teacher, nurse and guard selves at home since our family’s safety is our number one priority. 

As the “new normal” era began, we became a little extra- hand washes, sanitizers, alcohol and face masks are always on the grocery list. Female leaders are imposing rules, ordinances to keep people safe. Mothers keep an eye on their family’s health more and sisters try to become role models for their younger siblings to follow what is being imposed. 

Over the years, women have been belittled, felt insignificant and downgraded. Today, we are appreciated, needed, honored and empowered. We now have our own identities. We used to hear others say “behind a great man, is a woman’” now, a woman responds,” I wouldn’t know, I never stood behind a man."


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