The Character of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey

The Character of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey
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Odysseus' characteristics and no doubt his physical appearance certainly matched the description of a heroic figure among the Greeks. Greeks were built up as gods among men, surviving hard challenges unlike any other. What did he accomplish in order to submit his legacy as a heroic figure, though? In the book of The Odyssey, Odysseus can without a doubt be described as a fearless warrior among his comrades, raging chaos and going through various battles on the front lines. His stature, as well as being described as a classical tiresome description of a fearless warrior, mixed with the wholesomeness of shielding and foreshadowing his comrades possible futures, plant the seeds for a more in-depth look at Odysseus.Not to far into the story, odysseus is driven into a Cicone´s stronghold. ¨There I sacked the city, killed the men.¨This quote can best describe him as having no fear, putting himself in the same predicaments as the others,  Engaging himself in battle with the rest of his comrades as well. They seemingly had the upper hand for only a brief period. ¨And all the while the Cicones sought out other Cicones, called for help from a neighboring land, a larger force and stronger soldiers too.” Prior to this he tried to gain their attention to flee back, he quotes them as, ``mutinous fools”  for not paying attention to his leadership qualities to escape possible danger. All in all 6 casualties were brought onto his side, as they fled from a ¨mortal blow¨. ¨From there we sailed on, glad to escape our death yet sick at heart for our dear companions we had lost.¨ This can help readers admire his human compassion,which could be seen as unusual for a fearless leader. All in all, all of this can be built towards his commitment to sticking things through,and challenging obstacles with bravery.  Later down the line they find themselves in another situation, in the cave of a cyclops, which they seemingly knew the risk of entering but decided to take the chance anyway. The cyclops traps them there, making mockery  and fools out of them. Devouring them for their flesh and bones, even making the brain matter ooze from several of them. Odysseus, on the other hand confronts the cyclops, ¨Nevertheless I found the nerve to answer, firmly.

'Men of Achaea we are and are bound now from Troy!¨ This can help submit his character as being bold, and gut worthy. He eventually tricks the cyclops later down the line. This ultimately saves his comrades and himself from utter death. Which can help submit his heroic accolades.

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