The Controversial issue of Abortion (Essay Example)

The Controversial issue of Abortion (Essay Example)
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📌Published: 23 April 2021

One of the controversial issues that is facing today’s society is abortion.  The reason I have chosen abortion as my topic of discussion is due to the fact that it contradicts my religious beliefs. Abortion is the ending of a preganancy by the extraction of the human fetus from the mothers womb. The controversy that continues to follow this subject matter is whether it should be morally right to terminate an unborn child. The three concerns that are faced within this argument are the religious views on abortion, pro life vs pro choice, and how I view abortion as murder. 

Christiany and the religious outlook on abortion believes that human life is sacred and when someone preforms abortion it is an act of murder on an innocent child. There are extensive studies on how life begins at the moment of conception. Furthermore christianity believes that abortion is an offense to God. The reason I say this is due to how the Bible's scriptures thoroughly state that God knows the child before He forms the human in the womb according to Jeremiah 1:5. Among many other facts that prove the decision to have an abortion goes against God’s will.

The pro life vs pro choice deals with the fundamental leading concerns of abortion. The main argument of pro-choice is a sociopolitical movement that supports the views of a woman and the legal right to have an abortion. The pro life believes that abortion should not be legalized and should be prohibited. Those who are pro life also have the opinion that the government has the obligation to preserve all human life. Extensive articles have stated that often those who have an abortion tend to not realize that it isnt morally or ethically right. 

In addition to my previous statements I consider abortion murder and here is why. The first reason being The term abortion stands for deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Everyone has the right of opinion and therefore I state mine.  interesting enough a living human is considered to exist at the moment of conception despite only being a cell at the time. This meaning that when you partaken abortion you were killing an innocent life. A fact about unborn babies is that each have a distinct  unrepeatable genetic code.  From the moment of fertilization in new human life is in existence. 

In conclusion to all the facts I have presented abortion is still a controversial topic to this day. I stated in the beginning of this essay if abortion should be morally right to terminate an unborn child. My answer for this is no it is not morally correct. It not only goes against my beliefs but also is murder towards an unborn child. I hope my research was beneficial.


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