The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Cause Serious Permanent Damage

The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Cause Serious Permanent Damage
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📌Published: 29 March 2021

The world after the Coronavirus Pandemic is unlikely to ever return the way it was before and even while we try to protect ourselves and see our friends and family struggle with their health and lives we think: what will the future bring?

I believe that there will be three main consequences that the world will experience during and after the pandemic is over and they are: economic damages, physiological damages and mentality damages.

While we are still battling the pandemic it is hard to tell accurately what will happen in the future but it is certain that the world will face huge economic damages throughout the next years or decades caused by the pandemic and all the actions it enforced the people of the world to take. A lot of big companies were not affected or were affected positively by the pandemic and even though they are really important they do not make up the base of a strong economy because a strong economy is built on the work and taxation of small businesses that suffered the most during this period of time, when small business owners were forced to shut down their workplaces it brought a huge burden upon people leaving hundreds of millions of people without jobs and without financial resources. The way most countries dealt with the lack of financial resources was going into debt and by printing more money and that fixed the problem only momentarily and it will have grave consequences on the future of the world economy causing inflation and an economic regression for many years to come and while it is a phenomenon after pandemics for the economy to go into regression it will cause for a lot of work and progress to be delayed for the  future.

I think most people would say that they have had a hard time dealing with their mental health this year, this kickstarter by a long period of quarantining and isolation that found a lot of people being alone and worrying for their health and existence in the near future. The world has been evolving in a way that presents people with a lot of mental health problems and some might say it is a crisis and this all was greatly influenced by the pandemic causing a lot more suicides and a lot more people experiencing troubles with their mental health this past year  while in the past we could unburden ourselves with everyday activities and momentarily pleasures that could no longer be, everybody had to face their thoughts and face a reality where people were dying all around them and they had no control over it and all this anxiety is and will be affecting our mental health for a long period of time. The time after the pandemic will be a time of healing and usually that is the hardest part of a process and it will certainly affect our everyday lives in a negative way but it is something that with perseverance and love can be managed.

It is a fact that the pandemic was managed properly because of the people that were willing and ready to sacrifice for the best of their community but it is clear that this year came along with hate and anger for a lot of social issues and it is my belief that these protests and activities that happened this year were influenced by the pandemic and by the emotional and mental troubles the pandemic brought. Every great change comes with a mindset and mentality change as well and I personally think a lot of people will have their mentality affected negatively by the pandemic for instance when the COVID-19 virus was labeled by a great number of people and influential politicians as the ‘’the Chinese virus’’ and as a consequence the Asian community has been getting a lot of hate and the violent crime rate has been increasing towards the Asian community and while it is true that the virus originated in China that is not a reason for anybody to be judged upon just by their nationality or race.

Ill things considered I think people are not malevolent by nature and that there will be a lot of unity after the pandemic but I think most communities will differentiate and will take their own time healing and going through the process or rebuilding.

The vaccine for COVID-19 is found and it is only a matter of time before the pandemic ends and I do not think that there will be any permanent damages but they will certainly be very long lasting and hard to pass. Before any period of great evolution there will be a setback in advance and as Carl Jung said:’’ No tree can grow to Heaven, unless its roots reach down to Hell’’.  This pandemic has tested the very core of what makes humans advanced, their ability to be a community and with sharing being able to become better, if we have passed this test of nature it is yet to be seen.

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