The Cyclops In The Odyssey Essay

The Cyclops In The Odyssey Essay
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📌Published: 25 April 2021

The Cyclops, first appearing in the mythology of ancient Greece. They fear no Gods as they believe they are equal. In some ways, it seems to be true. In The Odyssey written by Homer, they have unimaginable strength, according to Greek mythology can see the time of their death, and are skilled at weaponry. It seems simple to depict a Cyclops and their actions into a movie or book. However, it appears not to be so easy. In The Odyssey and the movie there are similarities and differences in the Cyclops’s scene, how they portray him for example, is a noted similarity.

One point that illustrates a similarity between the movie and the epic’s scene showcasing the Cyclops is how they portray him. In the epic, they have a painting displaying the Cyclops as a one eyed, gigantic, brown haired monster. Homer states, “In the next land we found were Cyclopes, giants, louts, without law to bless them.” (Homer 109). They already, in the first sentence, present the Cyclops and describe them as what they are: Giants. In the movie, they show him looking almost identical to what they described him as in the epic. This similarity can be seen throughout the scene and allows readers excellent visuals. 

A point of difference between the movie and the epic are how aware they are of the 

Cyclopes. In the movie, they seem to not know where they are. For example, Odysseus states, “We are lost.” They even seem to not know of Cyclops’s customs, as they were unaware that the Cyclopes quote “do what they want,” however, in they epic they seem to know exactly where they are and are aware of they Cyclopes beforehand. For instance,  in the epic homer says, “A prodigious man slept in this cave alone...” (Homer 128). This hints that they are well-aware of the giant, while in the movie they seem stunned when the giant walks in. This difference is one of many between the epic and the movie. 

Between the movie and the poem there seems to be quite a handful of differences and similarities in the Cyclops’s scene. However, you can understand the storyline, which is very important for enjoying a book or movie. The epic poem paints a picture in the mind as it is read, the movie brings that picture to life. Of course, it’s not going to be the exact same as everyone  comprehends things differently. No book or movie is going to be the same, they are exact opposites of each other. In the long run, the differences and similarities make the movie and the poem what they are: The movie and the poem. 

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