The Dancer by Vickie Sears Analysis

The Dancer by Vickie Sears Analysis
📌Category: Literature
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📌Published: 25 April 2021

In Vickie Sears “Dancer”, dancing is beneficial to Clarissa because it heals her past trauma, it connects her to her Assiniboin culture and it was noticeable that her behavior had become more positive. First of all, dancing heals the trauma Clarissa had experienced in her past. For instance, further into Vickie Sears “Dancer” Clarissa’s anger had subsided; she stopped hurting herself and the cats. Specifically, readers can infer that perhaps Clarissa had formerly been raised in an abusive home, causing her such trauma. However, over time Clarissa can heal with the accompaniment of her foster family and the community alongside her. Secondly, dancing had further connected Clarissa to her Assiniboin culture. For example, Clarissa keeps herself busy by occasionally going over to Molly’s house to dance and she even takes part in a Powwow. In other words, Clarrisa began to grow a passion for Powwow dancing. Throughout the story, it is apparent to the readers that Clarissa strives to embrace and immerse  herself in the Assiniboine culture. As a result, Clarissa asks: “Can I dance?” (Sears 2) and even declares: “I'm an Assiniboin” (Sears 2). Thus, Clarissa’s actions have brought her closer to her foster family and Molly! Thirdly, Clarissa’s behaviour had become more positive than negative. For example, Clarissa started playing with the other kids, rather than getting caught up in mischief. 

Furthermore, Clarissa’s foster mother states: “But that kid, she didn't get into no kind of mischief. Almost abnormal how good she was” (Sears 2). Dancing had brought out the good in Clarissa, it made her feel accepted for who she truly was; something that she had probably never felt before. In summary, dancing greatly impacted and benefited Clarissa’s life, as it healed her past trauma, brought her closer to others and made her discover her true identity.

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