The Day I Became a Mother Essay Example

The Day I Became a Mother Essay Example
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📌Published: 03 April 2021

The day that changed my life forever. I was excited and nervous about the new adventure that was about to begin.  I had heard so many different experiences from family and friends. I had no idea what my world would be like after such an event. I knew that I would soon be something that I had always wanted to be, I would finally be a Mommy. 

I had been waiting for what had felt like an eternity. The road leading up to the day he was born was one of the hardest journeys I have experienced. I never thought my first birth story would be something that I would look back on and be glad to have gotten through. As much as my husband and I wanted our baby boy with us, we were not prepared when he had to make an early entrance. Whether we were ready or not our whole lives were about to change, at 8:19 PM on the 17th of September. 

We were not expecting his arrival until the 8th of October, but life does not always work out the way you wish. It was at my thirty-six-week prenatal appointment that we would find out he would be coming sooner than expected. I had been in pain for weeks and was having a hard time that morning. I was expected to start my shift at work that morning around 7 AM. I was a state tested nursing assistant at the time, which is a very physically demanding career field. I got up and headed to work since I knew I would be leaving early that day for my appointment anyway.

When I arrived for my appointment, my weight and blood pressure were taken as usual. I was then taken back to the exam room where I would wait to be seen by my physician. After a while, she entered the room swiftly and shut the door behind her. She sat down on the rolling stool and began to ask how I had been feeling. I explained the same issues that I had been experiencing for the weeks following up to my appointment. She then explained to me the concerns she had regarding my pain and blood pressure. In the following moments, we had come up with a plan for me to return the next morning for a blood pressure check. Depending on the reading we would go from there with what would be the best plan. 

The next morning when I arrived at the office, my blood pressure was taken immediately. Within minutes my physician pulled me into an exam room and explained what she thought would be the right decision in my situation. That afternoon I was sent to Fairview Hospital where I would be emitted for a week prior to being induced. The week was long filled with tests, questions, and monitoring. Eventually, after one hundred and sixty-eight hours of impatiently waiting, an agenda was finally made. I would be getting ready to get transferred to the labor and delivery suite within hours to proceed with induction. 

Saturday, September 16th at 10 AM my induction started. I never knew the hard journey that was about to begin. I started off feeling great and optimistic about the experience. I was then administered a drug by the name of  “Pitocin”. I began to experience contractions that were consistent, but far apart. I had a goal to go as long as I could before being given pain medications. No one could have prepared me physically or mentally for the events that are experienced during this time. Later in the evening around the twelfth-hour mark is when complications started to arise. I was exhausted and in unbearing pain by this time. The heart monitor that kept track of my little one's heart rate was going off constantly. At this point, a transducer was inserted and attached to my baby in hopes of getting a more accurate heart reading. Panic at this point has set in and I did not know what to expect next. Over the next few hours, my blood pressure and baby's heart rate spiked. Whether I wanted plans to change or not they were about to.

The following morning around 7 AM I was advised that if they could not get things under control that a c-section was on the horizon. This was the last thing that I wanted to happen in my birth experience. Over the next eight hours, I tried everything that I could in order to have a safe and quick delivery. I was told that an epidural could possibly help relax the body and bring down blood pressure as well as the baby’s heart rate. I was upset about the medical intervention but had to come to terms with it. At seven centimeters around seven o’clock that evening an epidural was administered. Thankfully shortly after both the baby and I started to improve. Within the next hour, I was fully dilated and ready to meet our son. At 8:19 PM on that night we finally got to hold a seven-pound four-ounce bundle of joy. It was the most amazing and terrifying time that could ever be experienced.

It was a day that changed my life forever. It was nothing that I ever thought it would but it was everything that I could ever imagine. I learned that even though things may not turn out the way we want, that they turn out exactly how they are meant to be. I was finally in a chapter of my life that I had wanted so long for, I became a Mommy.

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