The death of John F. Kennedy Essay Example

His smile, what he wanted to do for the world. The love I had for him, our memories….everything I had with him. Gone. All of it.

November 22, 1963

In Dallas….

Get in the car john!

I’m coming, Jackie.

Grabbing his hand, smiling, I can’t believe we were going to Dallas! 

“I’m so proud of you”, I said, smiling.

“Haha, I’m proud of myself too”

We drove downtown to Dealey Plaza, a very beautiful place. I can see all the fans yelling as we drove by. My husband laughed, I can barely hear what he was saying with the loud yelling. 

When I looked up, laughing, I saw a guy. He looked very suspicious and   had something in his hand, I could barely see what he had, I tried telling him what I saw, but the yelling was too loud. He couldn’t hear me, and he just kept waving. 

I couldn’t do anything before I heard the...

CHI-CHI, BANG, the first bullet goes right into his back. He put his head over my shoulder, I was confused until I saw the bullet mark. I CHI-CHI, BOOM, the second bullet goes in the back of his throat, blood dripping out of his mouth.

“Are you good john?!”

I start to yell at the bodyguard and … CHI-CHI, BANG, the last bullet goes into his head. His head exploded. 

All I could see were police, ambulances, and people getting evacuated. My bodyguard evacuated me and took me to my home. Many things were running through my head, who killed my husband? Why did they do it? How did they do it?

Hours later

“You Look Smashing”

I Clutched my suit, sobbing. The last words I heard...

“I’m sorry Jackie, but… he died”

I started to pinch my skin with my nails, Why? Why would anyone kill him? WHO KILLED HIM? 

I was interrupted with this “KNOCK-KNOCK, JACKIE, THIS IS MR. Schwartz”

Mr. Schwartz, one of the best investigators out there. I rushed to the door and yanked it open. 

I saw him, but not just him, I see many other cops.


“Hello, Jackie, I came over here because we need to talk about something I found.”

He signals the cops to wait for him outside. I let him inside, and he tells me something I have been wanting to hear.

He says that this guy named “Lee Harvey Oswald” shot a police, J.D, about 45 minutes after John's death, and was arrested.

He believes that he also killed John. I told him about what I saw, the guy in the building, he asked more questions about it and we talked for many hours, we concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald killed my husband, John.F.Kennedy. 

Two weeks passed, and I can’t get this one thought out of my head. Did Lee really kill John? Or was it someone else? I stopped thinking about these thoughts. And got ready for his funeral.

At his funeral

The death of John was a very big tragedy, but in God's plan it is what was supposed to happen, please leave all of your flowers on top of his grave.

I left white roses, one of his favorite flowers. 

I see all of his family members, his friends, everyone that cared about him there. Then I start thinking, he really isn’t dead, he still is in our hearts, and won’t be forgotten for as long as I live.


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