The Death of King Tut Essay Example

King Tut could have died from numerous outcomes. He could have died from illness, chariot ride, or even murderer. The real reason he perished is still hidden, until this moment.

King Tut was one of the youngest rulers to have ever lived; he became ruler when he was nine in fact. He passed away  when he was 19 which is really peculiar.  If you do your research you will find that King Tut was not murdered. Though there are many ways that he could have gotten murdered there are a lot more ways that he died from a chariot ride. The way he crashed is very straightforward, he fell off and then another chariot ran over him because he was very fragile and unstable so he did not have enough strength or power to hold on.

Research substantiates, "Naunton discovered something interesting when examining Tut's body as a whole: he had a series of injuries down one side of his body." King Tut died when he was only 19 years old and it could have been from many reasons, but the real reason he died was because of a chariot ride. Research corroborates, "It is believed that something knocked the king off his chariot, and while on his knees he was struck by another fast-moving chariot, thereby shattering his ribs, pelvis, foot, knee, and even skull." By this indication we are certain that King Tut died from a chariot ride. 

Illness ties in with how King Tut died in a chariot. Experts say, "Interestingly enough, the scientists discovered that Tut, along with three of close relatives, also suffered from malaria infection at the time of his death. Many researchers believe that the bone condition, drawn in  with malaria, was "the most likely cause of death of Tutankhamun." This means that if he had malaria and was on a chariot ride, then he wasn't physically able to hold on to the chariot. Back then in Egypt they barely had any transportation so they would ride chariots and also who said Tut was steering the chariot? According to research, "Chariot races were very common in Egypt, so this is not surprising." This means that Tut had to have ridden a chariot since they were very typical in Egypt. If King Tut did in fact get murdered, then why did the murderer wait so long to do it? 

King Tut died from a chariot because he was not strong enough to hold on to the chariot so he shot down and when he did, another sprinted over his left side. All of his injuries were on his left side, which proves he got run over by a chariot on his left side. Many people don't do their research precisely which means they learn history incorrectly and this is not good. The fact that so many people think that King Tut died from a murderer is misleading so people need to do their research properly and learn  your history accurately. 


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