The Development Of Tragedy And Comedy Essay Example

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  • Published: 10 May 2021
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How have tragedies and comedies evolved over time, first off, they have come from being a romantic death to somebody just leaving their home for college. Comedies used to be more as simple jokes and people getting slightly hurt, to people just making fun of others and sarcasm. Since the first plays ever there are still some aspects of what they used to be, but nowadays they just appeal to the audience as best as they can with the humor going around at that time or the things most people would consider sad.

How tragedies used to be was there was usually a traumatic death or somebody dying for reason that isn’t like old age, or a depressing ending.  Nowadays a tragedy can just be like kid leaving for college after a long hard life before. Like in this They were more with a classical depressing plot whereas now it is people with regular day to day problems. For comedies they seem to be just a matter of humor. Back then they used to do more proper jokes or just people getting hurt. Now it is like sarcasm and people being mean to each other or just being stupid. In west side story There wasn’t really comedy such as just making fun of people or relative sarcasm. West side story was a tragedy a main character died and that just puts it in its place of a tragedy. There was really no comedy in West Side Story it was more as sarcasm or making fun of people slightly. 

At that time in the 50s they had a lot of not gangs but groups of people who linger with and were close and they were per se gangs I guess but they were less of what they are today. Like far more respected and more sophisticated. At that time in history and in the 50s in general the clothing was primarily like leather jackets and curly hair. Nobody around that time had guns like not too many people because a lot of the laws that are out now were not then. The thing that made West Side Story a very heart felt romantic tragedy was the feature of love and love got in the way of the gang rivalries in a way. Love makes people act and feel different and a lot does different things when love is involved. Having somebody to love in that story made it probably 5 times sadder or tragedy like.

How have tragedies and comedies evolved over time? They have evolved in the manner of humor that there was in that era of history or how people would describe a tragedy then. There still is but there used to be more seriousness in tragedy’s but nowadays it is simple human problems portrayed as a tragedy. Comedy’s used to being just what people laughed at then like funny songs making fun of each other or somebody tripping and landing in ants. I would say they have gone a long way since the 50s and even the old times in Greece or Europe. With how tragedies and comedies are today I like them and I am happy with how they evolved!


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