The Diary of Anne Frank Analysis

The Diary of Anne Frank Analysis
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📌Published: 31 March 2021

The holocaust was a terrifying time to be in. The play of Anne frank based on her diary uses lots of Juxtapositioning. juxtaposition is a literary device that takes two things and shows the differences between them.

Examples of juxtaposition being used in the diary of Anne Frank play are, Anne Frank and Margo frank being opposites and contrasting within the story. Having these characters contrast helps get to know each of them individually. Another example is from the video we watched and it was when Anne frank and her family as well as all of the others in hiding were celebrating hanukkah and having a good time then they heard noises from down below, peters cat was roaming around and this made the scene very suspenseful and stressful for the viewers. This scene showed how in the life of anne frank things can go from happy to stress filled in a matter of seconds, This makes the audience think about how aware Anne would have to be at all times and how this could put a lot of weight on her and could cause her to be stressed. Putting these things next to each other brought out the good and bad things that can happen within an already bad situation when in hiding.

The writers might have included this literary element because it helps the readers understand and have a foot in the shoes of Anne Frank and it shows how Anne and her family would always have to be on their toes.

Juxtaposition made the piece of writing so significant and made you think about how stressed Anne could be and to think she was my age I could not imagine what she was going through

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