The Effects of Divorce on Children's Mental Health

Today, growing up in a divorced household affects their children's marriages. These kids often learn to view marriage as a distressing period in your life. The arguments and the negativity causes those children to blame themselves for their parent's separation. There denied the sight of a healthy marriage, viewing the worst of what's supposed to be love. Parent's divorce causes children's marriages to end in divorce because of the traumatic experiences they viewed as a child. 

First, kids of divorced parents often vow not to repeat their parent's mistakes. They grow up avoiding marriage. Preventing themself and their children from experiencing the same pain they went through. Removing the equation of a loving marriage out of their life. They get older only knowing how to be in a toxic relationship. Overcomplicating situations because they don't want to end up like their parents. These children later in life create small arguments that cause ends to a healthy relationship. Children of divorce are 35% more likely to have a divorce of their own.

Additionally, separation of parents can impact kids physically, psychologically, and academically too. Divorce is very stressful. Fascinating Family Separation Statistics said “36.6% of all marriages in the US end in divorce”. Those divorces can take a toll on the child at home and in school. The divorce might cause them to miss classroom time for court dates. They are likely to have to move schools once the divorce is final. Bouncing from one house to another can affect a child mentally. The psychological effects and emotional strain of divorce even linger into the children's adulthood. All take part in making it more likely that these kids will repeat the same mistakes in their marriage. In reality, it is all they know or have come to believe.

Furthermore, those children become adults that can't emotionally connect with anyone. Their view of love has changed significantly due to their parents. They will get married and expect divorce. Grow up not having hope in long-lasting marriages. Children in divorced homes typically have less contact with the non-custodial parent. That relationship with that parent disappears. That prevents them from having that much-needed parent figure in their life. They continue life one-sided with a terrible outlook on relationships. 

Therefore, parents' divorce makes children more likely to divorce in their marriage. Healthy marriages are needed in a child's life. These parents must realize that their kids will follow in their direction. They will replicate your actions and create a cycle of pain in their life because of that divorce.


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