The Effects of Education on Citizenship

The Effects of Education on Citizenship
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When many people think of a citizen they think of somebody who lives in a certain place, but what if you dig deeper into what it really means to be a citizen.Having good education makes society better because it promotes better understanding of politics, helps citizens create better communication and critical thinking skills, makes citizens more disciplined.

The first topic of discussion is how education helps citizens understand politics. Knowing politics in today's society is very important, the government and politics basically have a huge affect on how people live their  everyday lives. Because it's so important, citizens need to be educated on politics.It is important to have your own opinion when it comes to the government and politics, and there's no better way to learn than an unbiased educator. Also when a citizen understands politics they have a better understanding of how the government affects the society around them. Because of how big politics and the government are in everyday life it's important to know and understand them.

Another way education helps citizenship is by helping citizens develop communication and critical thinking skills. Firstly communication skills, they are so important in society, having good communication skills making society so much better. Schooling teaches kids from a young age how to use words correctly, and as life progress’s teachers teach about public speaking and edicate which play a huge role in citizens' everyday life. Secondly, developing critical thinking skills through education helps society so very much. For example doctors and nurses have to go through extensive schooling, but without them developing the critical thinking skills and the overall problem solving, society would be in huge trouble. Scientists without education wouldn't be able to come up with cures for diseases and viruses, but with the knowledge they obtained from schooling and education helped society in so many ways. In simple terms education helps society and citizens in ways we don't usually even think about, making it very important in today's society.

The third and final discussion point is the fact that education makes citizens more mature and disciplined. When talking about maturity and discipline they kind of go hand in hand. Schooling helps both of these traits, when in elementary school people are taught to stay in line, or wait till your called on to speak, or even holding the door for your class. All of these things are so simple but translate to being more mature and disciplined in the future. School also gives you consequences or punishment based on if you did your work correctly and finished it on time. These types of things translate to Everyday life for citizens, and with better maturity comes better citizenship.

Being educated helps citizens make society a better place in so many ways.Having good education makes society better because it promotes better understanding of politics, helps citizens create better communication and critical thinking skills, Makes citizens more disciplined.


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