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Globalization is a very controversial issue that many people argue about whether it exists or not. Not only globalization is a controversial topic but also it’s a very broad topic so to be concise, people are wondering if it has a huge impact on the world or not and also if it is rather important and relative to the level of communication and awareness that people of one culture have with people of another culture. Before introducing the different types of globalization and its effect on the world, let us know the meaning of globalization; globalization is the process by which different cultures around the world are now increasingly aware of, interact with, and influence each other. Globalization comes in many shapes and forms. There are different types of globalization: cultural, economic, and political globalization. It has an impact on the individual, community, and institutions. Globalization has many advantages and disadvantages. For example, an obvious advantage of globalization is that allows the world to unite together to share their resources and knowledge with other countries. One of the disadvantages is that some countries may exploit these resources and misuse them.

To begin with, we need to understand more about the different types of globalization which are political, cultural, and economic globalization. The most common and popular area of globalization is cultural globalization. It is the process by which one"s cultural values, experiences, and ideas are spread around the world in different ways. Many factors contribute to the immense spread of cultural globalization; electronic commerce, wireless communication, international travel, art, fashion, labor opportunities, and popular culture. Electronic commerce and wireless communication are both the most important factors that affect the spread of culture all around the world. Because of the now easy access to the internet, people can now connect to other countries just by using their phones and can also use the internet to research and find out everything about other cultures. Fashion and art are also important factors, seeing as the fashion world is growing immensely people from different countries are influenced by fashion trends that come from all over the world. Other very important factors are international travel, labor opportunities, and improved means of transportations. In the 21st century, it is now very easy to travel to other countries by simply booking a flight from your phone and this shows how easy a person can travel to other countries now. Improved means of transportation and labor opportunities facilitate the migration of people across the world to find new jobs and settle down and accommodate the country and its culture. Next is political globalization which is government decisions that are applied globally or in many countries at once. Besides, political globalization can partly relate to cultural globalization because usually, countries need to be at least allies or have an agreement between them to allow the immigration or travel of people to this specific country. The most popular example is the European Union which allows people from different European countries to travel freely within Europe and even settle in a country different than theirs given that the country should be a member of the European Union. Another example and factor that contributed to globalization are the United Nations, which helps in making decisions for countries and also it involves sharing political views about each country with others. The last type of globalization is economic globalization which is the interdependence of world economics as a result of world trade and many other factors. It is probably a result of technological advancements which increase the trade between countries and reduces the cost of transporting goods. Also, economical services can be applied using the internet. Finally, many allied countries provide each other with resources that the other lacks.

Globalization affects everything and everyone, its effects range from the individual to the community to the institutional level.  It affects the individual by giving access to products and services, giving the job opportunities, and it would also help individuals to start their businesses as they would have greater access to the foreign market. It would also help in decreasing tariffs and subsidies which again would let an individual have greater access to products and services. As well as, to services and goods, it just helps the individual to have more knowledge about what is going on in the world and learn about other cultures. In the community, globalization is a reason for a community to grow and become more popular and maybe have an international influence. First off, it can help communities come together to achieve a common goal. It can also help a community that is struggling to gain attention and other communities can reach out to them and help them. Finally, it can help developing communities learn new techniques from others and apply them without having the trouble of producing new technology. Globalization has greatly affected the process of the administration of institutions. Many institutional organizations have been forced to change their ways to adjust to the modern changes caused by globalization to stay relevant and up to date with the global trends. Additionally, many institutions have been modernized because of globalization as they now have access to technology and research. Finally, institutions now have improved their infrastructure to be able to trade properly and trade internationally. They have improved on international roads, airways, railways, and ports.

After understanding the different areas of globalization and the positive effects it has on the individual, community, and institutions, we need to talk about the many advantages and disadvantages of globalization. Let us start with the advantages of globalization. Globalization provides our improved services through modernized and improves technology. We now have better mobile service, internet, water supply, electrical supply. Besides, globalization helps people get out of poverty and find job opportunities hence higher their standard of living. It has also made many products more affordable than they were as globalization promotes economic competition hence for companies to win they will need to lower their prices to win the competition by making them affordable so that everyone can buy them. Globalization has a huge positive impact on the education system of many countries. Nowadays, people don’t have to leave their country for a better chance at education. In many countries, there are now different education institutions with many different systems from all over the world. Finally, it improved the transportation means it’s now easier to travel overseas either by flight or by ship. Although globalization has many advantages, it has many disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is the growing inequality which is caused by specialization and trade. It can also increase unemployment rates as it requires highly skilled workers and also globalization allows people to immigrate hence taking some of the job opportunities of the original citizens. Because social media is now very common and is used by everyone, it has dangerous as it can cause civil wars and can cause rebellions. Also, diseases are now easily transported because of the improved methods of international travel. As well as the widening the gap between the rich and the poor; rich people are getting richer due to the improved methods of trade and the improved technology while poor people are only getting poorer or aren’t moving forward due to the rich exploiting them. There are many examples of globalization. One of which is the exchange of arts between cultures and the growth of media and entertainment all over the world. For example, now Hollywood and Bollywood movies are seen all over the world, and Arabic and English artists are also popular all over the world. Evidence of this is that artists hold world tour concerts in which they go to meet and perform for their fans all over the world. To add, international companies that have many locations around the world. Finally, consider how a t-shirt sold in The United States was made in China.

In conclusion, globalization is a very wide and popular topic that has impacted the world. Globalization is the spread of ideas and values of cultures all over the world. It has increased world trade and created no boundary for the world. Globalization has huge importance as it gives countries room for improvement by learning from other countries and it has also helped many countries develop throughout the year. Finally, all of the information provided proves the existence o globalization. Although globalization has a lot of advantages it has many disadvantages too. As mentioned it creates many job opportunities but it still can cause a huge case of unemployment and it can exploit employees. It has allowed travel all over the world but this increases the possibility of transmission of diseases from one country to another. To end this, some aspects of globalization only have advantages and provide only good ideas to improves, while other ideas can cause chaos and ruin the country causing a civil war or rebellions all over a country.


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