The Energy Skate Park Phet Simulation. Argumentative Essay Example

The Energy Skate Park Phet Simulation. Argumentative Essay Example
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

The Energy Skate Park simulation relates to many different types of energy. The energies that it relates to most are potential energy, kinetic energy, and thermal energy. Potential energy is stored energy. Kinetic energy is a change in position and/or movement. Thermal energy is energy that comes from the temperature of the heated substance. All of these energies are important at the skatepark. 
At a skatepark, you must start at the top of the ramp. When you are at the top of the ramp, you have full potential energy because you are not moving. The potential energy is stored at the top of the ramp.  When an object has 100% potential energy, the kinetic energy is at 0%. This is because kinetic and potential energy have an opposite relationship. When one energy goes up, the other goes down. Since the potential is up, the kinetic energy is low at the top of the ramp. As soon as the skateboard starts rolling down the ramp, the potential energy starts to decrease and the kinetic energy starts to increase. 
Kinetic energy relates to the skateboard going down the ramp because when the skateboard starts moving, the potential energy gets converted into kinetic energy which is a change in movement. The kinetic energy is the highest when going downhill. When going uphill, the kinetic energy is still present, but it is lower and more potential energy is present.  
Thermal energy also plays a role at the skatepark. It is a form of kinetic energy. In this situation, the type of thermal energy is friction. The reason that a skateboard will not always continue forever is because of friction. Friction is created when two surfaces rub together. The friction is created between the skateboard and the ramp. That causes the skateboard to slow down overtime. When the friction is low, the skateboard might keep moving continuously. A high friction situation will slow down the skateboard to a stop.  

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