The Event That Changed My Life Essay Example

The Event That Changed My Life Essay Example
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📌Published: 12 April 2021

Everyone has gone through events that significantly changed their life. It changed the way they viewed themselves and how they view others. Some might have been impacted emotionally and prefer not to speak on certain things until they are ready to. I am one of those people. My dad passing away changed me because it forced me to grow up, it made me independent and left me emotionally unstable for life.

My dad passed away when I was young, I was only 7. I had just recently moved to the U.S from El Salvador. I didn’t know any English, nor did my mom. My dad was our only resource and we depended on him to be able to adjust to this new life. We only spent about  3 months together, and unexpectedly he left us all alone. With no help, no way to be able to rely on anyone, I had to figure it out and learn English to be able to help my mom communicate with others and to be able to get around. I needed to find ways to get the most basic tasks done. I didn’t even know how to use technology which made everything even harder. Little by little, I kept on learning to get around on my own, and eventually, I was able to translate and complete paperwork for my mom. I was able to help her, Whenever she needed me I was there. My mindset and maturity level was way too high for my age. I didn’t have time to enjoy my childhood and worry about where my favorite toy was. I had to worry if I was able to help my mom get through this loss and ways to make her life a little bit easier. Slowly I was forced to grow up.

I had to take everything seriously, I felt like I didn’t have time to stop and enjoy my childhood. I felt like I couldn't rely on my mom because she was always at the hospital making sure my dad was ok as well as working. She had enough to deal with that I didn’t want to be added to that. I started doing everything on my own. I would do my homework however I could. I would try to improve my English by myself, I would take care of myself. I would clean, take myself to the bus stop. Over the years that increased and I learned to do new things such as cook, learned to use the internet as well as technology, fill out paperwork, translate, pay bills online and so much more.I can say that most of my family members rely on me to help them with many things. I no longer depend on anyone, I tend to do everything alone even if it's hard to accomplish it.

His passing took a long time to accept and still to this day, I can’t fully accept it. Since I was so young, I didn’t take some time to grieve his passing. My brain blocks all those sad and bad memories and makes it hard to remember anything. Sadly, I have no memory of him because we were apart most of my early year and once we were able to be together as a family he passed away. That reflected on me and made me feel different from others, I don’t have friends, I don’t talk to anyone and I don’t like to show my feelings. I feel robbed from being a happy kid with lots of memories. It’s an unbearable pain to know that he isn’t here anymore and nobody can make it feel better. Part of me is missing and It hurt’s to know he wasn’t in one of the most important days of my life, which was my Quinceanera. I can’t even wake up and tell him Happy Birthday or Happy Father's day. He won’t be able to see me grow up and reach all my goals and milestones. I would have loved to know how it feels to be loved by a father figure. I have accomplished so many things this year and I just know he would have been so proud. It makes me happy to know and be told by my family that he was a person with a big heart and genuinely was an angel. The only difference now is that he is an angel, my guardian angel.

Many have gone through experiences that hurt them and changed them for better or for worse. I truly believe that anything that happened is just preparing you to become stronger and improve you as a person. My dad's passing changed me for the better. It made me who I am today and I am thankful for that. I learned to survive and get through one of life's toughest obstacles.

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