The French and Indian War Essay Example

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The French and Indian war was a war between Britain and its colonies against the French and Native Americans. This war revealed differences between Britain and its colonies such as methods of fighting, attitudes towards taxes, and military discipline that would later affect the American-British relationship. The French and Indian war caused a great schism between Britain and its American colonies. 

Taxes are proof of the major impact that the French and Indian War had on the American-British relationship. After the costly French and Indian War, Britain needed money, so they placed more taxes on the American colonies such as the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act. The colonists were being taxed in the past due to policy like The Navigation Acts, however; the taxes were not as heavy on them, so they were not irritated by their effect. Additionally these taxes were passed without the representation of Americans in parliament, so they had no say in the matter. These taxes were met with protest like forming organizations against taxes like The Sons of Liberty. Due to the French and Indian war, the taxes were higher, which caused anti-British attitudes in the colonies, showing how major its effect was on Amercian relations with Great Britain.

With taxes as a result of the French and Indian war, colonists became hostile and violent. For instance, the Gaspee affair and the Boston Tea Party; they were both events where colonists decided to destroy British property as a result of the taxes. They both affected the relationship between the British and American colonies, and this is shown due the king of England being angry with those involved in the gaspee affair  and the Coercive Acts being passed. Taxes led to irritable colonists, which led to the colonists acting out in violence, which led to the colonies being punished. American colonies began to view the British as oppressors and the British began to view American colonies as disobedient. This relationship is attributed to the taxes that were needed as a result of the French and Indian war.

Britain’s war between the French and Native Americans over the Ohio river valley had a great impact on the American-British relationship. Taxes, being the main factor in this, made the colonists become angry towards the British, so they acted on their anger with violence. Britain responded to the violence with punishments on the colonies. Their rocky relationship was due to the British’s need for money after the war. Although the British and American relationship was rocky after the French and Indian war, the American colonies still served their purpose as sources of wealth for Great Britain. The mercantilist policies like The Navigation Acts were still in effect after the war.


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