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"The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing-Game Of Thrones." 

In The Giver, the community knows nothing.  Imagine not knowing you're killing innocent babies this is what they call release in The Giver. In our reality that is killing, you can go to jail with a life sentence. In this essay will be talking about The Giver vs. Reality. Factors discussed in my essay include the significance of snow, how they feel no emotion, how they release, and mass genocide.

First, the significance of snow in The Giver is all about emotion.

It makes Jonas feel happy the memory takes his pain away.

In our reality snow is common in places like New York. Most of us have seen it in our lifetime. But in The Giver, no one has seen snow except Jonas and The Giver. No one has seen snow because it would stop the food from growing and stop their air shipments. In reality, we can delay flights. We can't control the weather like in The Giver. Like Jonas, most people enjoy the snow. In reality, it means you're out of school and you can play with your friends.

Second, In The Giver, no one feels emotion besides Jonas and The Giver. For example "He not taken the pills for four weeks. the stirrings had returned '' pg 164 The Giver. In The Giver the stirrings are like romantic feelings. In the giver to stop strings, they take pills to block feelings. In reality, we have feelings we love people. Unlike The Giver, we love people. Imagine you have a kid now think about not loving them because you take pills. I know it's hard to imagine not loving your kid. But in The Giver this is what Jonas goes through. The Giver In Chapter Sixteen,'' when Jonas asks his parents if they love him, his father is amused and admonishes him for not using language precisely. Mother tells him that the word "love" is so generalized that it's meaningless, and they suggest questions such as "Do you enjoy me?" or "Do you take pride in my accomplishments?" as more appropriate questions, to which the answer is "Yes." Jonas completely disagrees but lies to them for the first time and tells them that he understands.''  

Third, In the giver, they have a thing called a release Also, they feel no remorse. In the giver, Jonas's dad kills a baby and feels no remorse The Giver Chapter Eighteen ''Jonas's father takes out a syringe and injects a needle into a vein on the new child's forehead. The new child jerks its muscles and then stops moving. Then Jonas's father says, "Bye-bye," waves, puts the body into a carton, and sends it down a chute. Jonas realizes with horror that his father has killed the new child—it twitched just as the dying man did on the battlefield. He realizes that "to be released" means to be killed.''

In reality, Even some killers feel remorse. Jonas's dad feels none.

In The Giver, That's the problem with the community, Because the government or whoever is in control. Takes feelings any from the community. This makes the number of deaths over one million people in a span of 120 years. They all died from lethal injection. All those incent lives. In our world, this is called genocide this happens with the jews in ww2.

In conclusion, it's insane to think that the giver shares things. Like the genocide. But to lighten your day we don't share a lot of things like we see snow. We have feelings. We have love. But all these things can be taken away like in The Giver so watch whom you give your power to. Or you may be in The Giver. 


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