The Good Doctor Analysis

The television show "The Good Doctor" is a medical drama that stars a young man called Shaun Murphy who has been diagnosed with autism and also has Savant syndrome which makes him have an above average memory whom once to be a successful surgeon. This show represents his life in the hospital as a surgical resident, which shows how he communicates to his colleagues as well as his patient's attitudes towards him and his disease. The television show starts out by showing how most people view autistic people such as most believe they're unable to communicate clearly and function with human interaction without the help of peers. As you continue to watch the series you can see how Shaun Murphy has a morning routine while being left. Once Shaun arrives at the hospital where his residency will take place the board of hospital doesn't seem to understand how Shaun will be able to communicate with his patients in formal colleagues. The man who introduces Shaun to the hospital known as doctor Glassman Speaks on Shaun's behalf on how he views Shaun. Which is overlooked by many people also that Shaun will be able to perform his duties just as well or even better than other doctors in the hospital.  Doctor Glassman States "his high functioning he is capable of living on his own capable of managing his own affairs."  In most cases if someone would have put on their job application or resume that they are autistic their most likely to be overlooked compared to those without. The television series will show you how autism disorder does not affect the way we think the disorder does.

As you continue to watch “The Good Doctor” it gives you more insight on how doctor Murphy whom has is autistic spectrum disorder goes about an average day in the life of a resident doctor at a hospital. He overcomes challenges from his colleagues and patients whom view him as a as a doctor who cannot complete his job. They assume that he cannot socially interact in public or perform surgery since he is autistic.  As the episode continue his colleagues finally see that he is more than capable of with patient care and surgeries and most cases his former colleagues seek his advice even though he is blunt and to the point. His colleagues have overcome how Shaun Murphy has to analyze and reanalyze his decisions on patient care.

Shaun also has savant syndrome. Which is can be characterized as "specific skills sets that are superior to that of their peers". One way he shows this throughout the series is he can take know symptoms and medical images and cluster them together in his head to come up with the prefect diagnosis and treatment plan. He is able to move quick and swiftly to diagnosis and treat.

A good treatment plan for Dr Murphy is to continue working on his bed side manor and speaking to the patients and their families. The more he does this interaction on his own the more he will learn to deal with social anxiety. Dr Murphy should attend some kind of therapy weather it be group or individual. When Shaun is in the surgery rooms he less anxious, so I would also recommend attending with more surgeries. Not only by attending more surgeries to help with his autism he is also doing what he loves by saving lives. Therapy has been the most effective way to treatment for autism. Therapy can help with communication, self-care, social living and reduce problematic behaviors.


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