The Great Gatsby Theme Analysis

Many individuals believe that having a lot of money will make life easier or get rid of all of life’s problems. It might be able to solve a few of the problems that life throws at you but overall money can't buy or solve everything. The novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald contains many examples of people who have lots of wealth, yet still, have lots of issues that money can not fix. Firstly, Daisy Buchanan is a prime example of someone who seemingly has everything such as a mansion, rich friends and family, etc. Daisy lives in a beautiful mansion that includes “ the front vista, [...] a sunken Italian garden, a half acre of deep pungent roses” (Fitzgerald 10). It would seem Daisy would have very few issues and would be very happy with her life but this is not the case. Daisy has a dream life and she has “been everywhere and seen everything and done everything” (20). However, she is still very unhappy and unsatisfied with her life. When Daisy gave birth to their daughter “she was less than an hour old and Tom was God knows where. [Daisy] woke up out of the ether with an utterly abandoned feeling” (20). This proves that even with all the money they have, Daisy can not buy the love and support of her husband Tom and she can not buy a happy, successful marriage. In Addition, Jay Gatsby is also a very wealthy individual who is faced with a problem that money can not fix. Gatsby and Daisy are together before he goes to fight in the war, Gatsby ends up staying abroad for longer than he intended, this leads Daisy to end things.  She ends up moving on and marrying Tom Buchanan but unlike Daisy, Gatsby never quite moves on. He ends up spending his whole life working to get wealthy thinking that the riches would win his beloved Daisy back. Gatsby also hosts multiple parties and has many guests over in hopes that any of the guests would have connections to her. He bases his life decisions on getting back with or getting back to Daisy, this includes choosing where to live: “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay” (85). Even though Daisy and Tom are married, Gatsby and Daisy have a small affair which gives Gatsby hope that he finally will get Daisy back: “[Daisy] got up and went over to Gatsby and pulled his face down kissing him on the mouth, You know I love you, she murmured” (123). Gatsby finally seems to be getting what he wants and what he spent his whole life working for. This quickly falls apart because Gatsby tries to get Daisy to leave Tom by confronting him and saying, “Your wife doesn’t love you [...] She’s never loved you. She loves me” (139). Daisy and Tom end up moving away together, Gatsby had a slight affair with Daisy but all the money he had and had worked hard to get was not able to win her back. To conclude, even though Daisy and Tom stay together, no matter how much money Daisy has, it will never be enough to fix all of her issues with Tom. For Gatsby, his money and wealth could not fix things with Daisy.


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