The Hate u Give Movie Review

The movie The Hate u Give by Geroge Tillman takes its title from the famous saying of THUG LIFE, aka “The Hate You Give Little Infants F***’s Everybody” by Tupac Amaru Shakur who was a famous American rapper and actor. He is considered by many to be one of the most influential rappers of all time. The phrase THUG LIFE is used specifically to relate to many events that take place in the film which also provides a powerful image for many current events. In today’s society, we deal with many issues such as gang violence, drug trade, police brutality, and being a minority, particularly being a woman of colour. THUG shows the struggles people of colour are forced to deal with. 

The comparisons between the film and the reality majorly show the impact of racism in American society and how it remains a major problem. In the film, Maverick lectures Starr and her siblings about interacting with the police which shows the level of fear that black people have against the police. People of colour have a higher risk of being killed by police than white men and women and this risk increases as they grow older. For example, the death of George Floyd (46 years old African-American) took place during an arrest which raised awareness to Black Lives Matter to demand justice and systemic change to end police brutality. Due to police brutality and violence, the deaths of many innocent people are happening so often. The Hate U Give was written to bring attention to the issue of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. It had a very meaningful and deep message explaining what society feeds into youth has a way of coming back and affecting us all. It serves as an example of fear and sadness in the face of racism, prejudice, and injustice. 

Starrs story is very inspirational to many people around the world who are too afraid to speak up about cultural issues and raise their voices. Her story gave much of the youth confidence they were looking for to stand up for themselves which is why The Hate U Give is a powerful form of activism. The director of the film allows the person watching to put themselves in the shoes of an individual who struggles with racial inequality, speaking up, heartbreak and so much more. Today, violence and discrimination continue to occur throughout the world, and nothing will change unless people recognize what is happening and change.


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