The Impact of African American Women on Society

The Impact of African American Women on Society
📌Category: Feminism, Human rights, Social Issues
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📌Published: 12 April 2021

African American Women’s impact on society has allowed new achievements and advancements in life. In fact, the article, “Forgotten story of the black women who helped land a man on the moon” states,  “ women living in Jim Crow-era Virginia hired by NASA to do math and research that would launch men into space” (Merry p 6). African American Women made NASA’s space shuttle go to the moon. Without their research or math skills, the trip to the moon might not have ever been possible or it would have been many years later. Another example is found in the article, “Singer Rihanna makes concerted effort to fund education for all kids” it states, “Megastar singer and actress Rihanna vowed on February 2 that she would "never stop fighting" to get millions of children back in school” (Presse p 1). Rihanna has spoken at many companies to push the movement of education for all. Even foreign countries started to raise money to allow their studies to go get an education. Rihanna is one of many that believe in the movement and her impact has started to allow more children to attend school. In the end, both women have had a positive impact on society and have or are starting to change the world one step at a time. 

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