The Impact Of Challenges On My Life

The Impact Of Challenges On My Life
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In my life I have faced many challenges due to situations beyond my control however, I have always overcome them. My family and I have moved around a great deal since I was a little boy. Every three years or so I could expect to pack up my bedroom and move to a new city and a new school. Because of this, I have never had a real friend, or at least not in the traditional sense. I don’t have a friend that I have childhood memories with or anyone that I “go way back” with. Every friend I have ever had has been a temporary acquaintance, someone who I knew would wake up one day and I would be gone. I have lived in Michigan, Florida, South Carolina, a half year in Beirut, Lebanon (السَلامُ عَلَيكُم), and now Georgia. I grew up knowing something that no child should ever know which is that no matter how much I made people like me at my school I would always leave them. So I decided to fix this by not making any friends at all; this was the wrong choice. 

When I was born I was gifted (and cursed) with an eidetic memory. So when I moved to South Carolina in August of 2017 and started my Freshman year at the Spartanburg Day School which was an Elite independent school that dealt primarily with gifted children. I was more excited than at any point in my life that I could remember. Up until this point, the school had always been nothing more than an irksome chore where I study things briefly that I had already read about with my dad as a kid. However, now I had a shot to study at one of the most premier institutions in America with peers who cared just as much as I did. Moreover, my parents made it clear that if all went well I would graduate from this school, the school of my dreams. This lasted for one year and three weeks when on August 29, 2018, my dad was offered a job as the president of the University of West Georgia which he would accept the job offer, securing my fate. 

Furthermore, this job would begin in two years after my junior year of high school.  After hearing this I felt betrayed, lied to, and heartbroken. I spent the next two years of high school skipping class, throwing away homework, and ignoring my parents. I held a 2.3 GPA at the beginning of my junior year and I had thrown away any hope of getting into my dream colleges but I didn’t have a single care in the world. Why? Because my parents had not only lied to me but they had betrayed me. I felt as though my father who had known the depths of my love for the Spartanburg Day School was willfully erasing my life and making me start over once again.

However, I soon realized that this was not a malicious action and that my parents were only trying to do what was best for their children. So I accepted the transition and worked as hard as I could to make sure that I could regain the security in my future that I once had. I started taking dual enrollment classes, I earned an internship as the personal aid to Congresswoman Stacy Abrams, I started getting straight A’s again, and I received admission to Georgetown University for early admission. Though I have faced a multitude of challenges living in so many different environments with so many different people it has taught me many things. It has taught me to be resilient, to adapt, and to be content with being alone.

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