The Impact of Instagram and YouTube on Depressive State

The Impact of Instagram and YouTube on Depressive State
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📌Published: 09 April 2021

In my opinion, I think we do rely on technology too much. We rely on it for good and bad things but it can cause a lot of problems in our world. It can be good and bad for us, but we rely on it all the time. People get into accidents when on their phones too much, like getting hit by cars. They are not watching where they are going or getting into wrecks because people are texting and driving. Technology causes people to isolate themselves from everyone and miss out on life experiences. Technology can also cause things like depression and anxiety.

In the passage “The Black Hole of Technology” on page 215, the author states “No one appreciates the value of personal interaction or nature.” Nowadays people just stay on their phones and don’t go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, nor do they actually talk to people without checking their phones and interact with the person. People don’t like to get outside and play soccer or kickball, instead, they like to play video games or take selfies. A lot of kids spend most of their time in their room and barely make time for their family.

Things on devices like Instagram or Youtube can cause things like depression, anxiety, and can cause you to have no sleep. You may be thinking How would it cause things like depression or anxiety? In “That’s Not Progress!” on pages 188 and 189, it says “Everyone knows the effects of online bullying. There are other ways to damage a person’s self-confidence. “When ‘friends’ upload unflattering photos and post mean comments, it can seriously damage a person’s self-image,” says one mental health expert.” Therefore technology is not the best thing to have.

Even though technology is bad, it can also be good for us. Technology can help us save people’s lives and keep them from getting sick. It can help us find the information that we need and help us with school work. In “Teens and Technology Share a Future” on page 207, it says “You’ve turned over a small stone of information, one in a river of millions.” Technology can also help us stay safe. The news tells us about bad things happening and GPS helps us get where we’re going easily. It can help us communicate with people all around the world. We can see people’s faces that are on another continent.

In conclusion, we do rely on technology too much, but it can also have good benefits. In today’s time, we become consumed by technology. It can cause people to feel sad and feel like they don’t belong on this earth. It can also cause people to get run over and get into wrecks. Technology causes us to get hurt and can cause depression, but can also save lives and help us communicate.

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