The Impact of Propaganda Essay Example

The Impact of Propaganda Essay Example
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In Paul Revere’s interpretation of the Boston Massacre, the British soldiers are shown lined up in front of Customs House shooting directly into the crowd of American colonists. This piece of propaganda was used to get the British troops sent out of Boston. In the “Bloody Massacre” engraving, five people are depicted as dead in his engraving and many casualties among the crowd of American colonists. The Americans have wanted the British out of their lands for a while now due to the various taxation laws to cover the costs for the French and Indian War; after tension built up, the Boston Massacre took place. The American colonists are also depicted as the victims of the massacre when they attacked first causing the shooting.

Small features Paul Revere added to his propaganda include the British soldier’s facial features that are more sharp and angular compared to the American colonists who have softer, more innocent features.“Butcher’s Hall” was a small touch he added over Customs House to amplify the idea that the British shot without reason into the crowd of American colonists. The British soldier at the far end of the line has a menacing smile which may show how the British enjoyed the violent act displayed in public. In the rear end of the American colonist crowd, there is a woman with a black scarf draped over her head with a distressed look to give the idea that the British did not care who they were firing at during the shooting. A small but noticeable feature Paul Revere added is the dog on the American colonist’s side which symbolizes faith and loyalty to appeal to the viewer as more innocent or pleasant.

Propaganda in today’s world may include how former president Trump would use Coronavirus daily briefings as his own form of campaign ads or how Trump supporters were storming the capitol and it was portrayed as a violent act through propaganda. On the news they tend to show the bad before they will show the good in situations, such as the Black Lives Matter protests that began back in May of 2020. The propaganda that the news would use had a negative connotation that people would riot and loot stores instead of showing the peaceful protests that took place. Unpeaceful Black Lives Matter protests set a negative outlook on the police force and stereotyped them based off of select few incidents. Coronavirus propaganda was a major component of 2020 and mask requirements throughout the states. Many people protested against the stay at home order and mask mandates to the point where some cities had a curfew due to riots.

Comparing today’s propaganda with the Boston Massacre, it is very easy to see the negative connotation both have towards one party. Today’s propaganda has shown a negative outlook on American citizens as protests turn into riots, burning buildings, and looting stores. The same can be said for the Boston Massacre as the American colonists attacked the British soldiers causing them to fire into the crowd. Today’s current events and the 1800’s are similar in a matter that citizens in both situations had power in swaying the government one way or another. The propaganda Paul Revere fabricated presented the British as overpowering and ruthless towards American citizens; Propaganda for Black Lives Matter protests had a negative view on both parties, the police force and the american citizens. Overall, it is interesting to see how history may repeat itself in funny ways. Whether it be propaganda or a pandemic that occurs every century in the 20’s.

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