The Impact of Social Networking Essay Example

The Impact of Social Networking Essay Example
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

With around half of the world currently using social media platforms, a correlation between this popular past time and an increase of mental health issues in recent years is undeniable. Depression and anxiety levels are skyrocketing, especially among teens and young adults who according to a 2019 study by pew research, make up 90% of all social media users. 

Social media can have a grave impact on your quality of life. According to a 2016 study from Science Direct, users are at a threefold risk of developing anxiety and depression. Your stress levels will likely rise, fueled by negative content, envied lifestyles, and feelings of wasted time. Distorted beauty ideals could cause a plummet in self-esteem. The american found that people who spent extensive amounts of time on social networks were twice as likely to experience a lack of belonging and struggle with fulfilling relationships. 

For many, social media is more than just a time killer, it’s an addiction. According to a 2018 article from Harvard University, dopamine aka “the feel-good hormone”, is released whenever we have a successful social interaction. Once this happens a few times via social networking, we become conditioned to associate that pleasure with those platforms. Dopamine is known for its dysfunctionality in cases of addiction. Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Rock compares the behavior of extensive social media users to that of alcoholics and drug addicts. 

On the flip side, there are some positive aspects of social media. For example, it connects you to people all over the world, helps you to find people with similar interests, and gives many people the opportunity to have a voice. However, there is a linear correlation between social media and a decrease in mental health, making it very important to be aware of how social media is affecting you.

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