The Impact of Technology on Children Essay Example

The Impact of Technology on Children Essay Example
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Technology is really has become one of the most important aspects of mankind today. It is changing our lives and forming our future at an exponential rate, which in reality for all intents and purposes has posed significant results/consequences which we cannot for all intents and purposes begin to understand. Currently, we are somewhat tortured with technology, contrary to popular belief. The innovation which encompasses nearly everybody in society is ever-changing and will always be a staple in our lives. Children in the current age specifically are fascinated with technology. Although that literally is not to state that they worship technology so much however in retrospect they have never lived without it. Technology has significantly impacted kids and that particularly has welcomed certain worries. Our sort of basic concern is that; although definitely advanced innovation has supported kids'' ability for performing very multiple tasks, their capacity to deal with data profoundly might actually be weakening Craftsman et al. (2000), contrary to popular belief. This essay will begin by discussing the implications of basically modern technology on children’s health. It will definitely proceed to describe the pretty positive and particularly negative influences on children’s education. Overall, it will really explore the vast impact technology has had on children’s livelihood. Children of the modern age have been rapidly introduced to both modern and traditional technology. It is basically argued that children’s excessive use of modern technology has presented various health problems. The introduction of smartphones, tablets, and computers actually has somewhat fuelled an addiction which basically has led to health risks such as development problems, sort of spinal problem, physical inactivity, altered sleep, and psychological problems to really say a few. Technology’s inclusion into the daily lives of children has a great impact on their kind of overall development. Reliance on Technology limits children’s ability to communicate and their ability to form particularly natural connections and relationships outside the digital world. They feel uncomfortable with the feelings of those around them in a subtle way. Screen Time kind of has replaced activities such as outdoor games, face-to-face interactions, and discovering new things, or so they thought. The television basically plays a very great part in a child’s life and watching an excessive amount of television often leads to kind of major language and behaviour development disruptions (Chonchaiya & Prusanandaonda et al, which is quite significant. 2008 & Mistry, Minkovitz, Strobino, & Borzekowski et al 2007), this would generally often also particularly lead to for all intents and purposes several for all intents and purposes negative health conditions fairly such as obesity, inactivity. The computer-like; the television has also drastically become the bread and butter of children lives and spending an obscene amount of time on the computer from a young age can lead to a decrease in creativity, imagination, premature language skills, and low concentration Cordes & Miller et kind of al. (2000) and Palmer et sort of al. (2015). Vision problems can also occur and as a result of too much exposure to the UV light of a computer’s screen. Modern technology’s impact on children; though still not fully understood; presents really potential risks and benefits to children, which is fairly significant. In the sense that there is easy exposure to fairly “illegal and violent content” Iscibasi, et al in a subtle way. (2011), and can lead to children harming themselves or others and being influenced to perform illegal actions; this often can lead to detrimental effects on a child's psychological state of mind, or so they thought. However, there are also endless learning and educational opportunities which basically are beneficial. Mobile phone overuse can lead to many negative health issues pretty such as lack of sleep, which may negatively affect a child's brain, and possibly over abortion of radioactive frequencies and waves (K. R. Foster and C.-K in a big way. Chou), . Social media presents a platform for children to stay connected with friends and family which can lead to a positive psychological effect on children, However, It also creates a space for cyber abuse and bullying which can essentially lead to permanent damage to a child’s mental state. There are numerous very negative impacts of technology on children’s health but there essentially are also positives. Video games mostly are at the forefront of children\'s lives and according to Anderson et al, kind of contrary to popular belief. (2001) children who often excessively play video games often particularly develop an unhealthy addiction and develop violent tendencies that for all intents and purposes are linked with games. Anderson & Dill et definitely al in a big way. (2000), supports this claim by stating that prolonged video game usage not only definitely leads to children developing aggressive characteristics but rebellious attributes as well, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. However, Salguero and Moran et al. (2002), claim to have found no evidence to further support the link between video games and very negative behaviour. Studies also show that video game activity can literally have a positive influence on children as well. Therefore, the positive and negative impacts that video games may really have on children are dependent on a number of variables. Technology not only impacts children’s health but also has an effect on their education as well. In recent times most if not all schools mostly have integrated technology into their spectrum according to a study by Clark et al, contrary to popular belief. (1992), the introduction of technology into the classroom specifically has often been shown to be definitely more detrimental. Firstly, the educational system is more focused on testing and ‘old school’ methods, and it does not seem to coincide with the ever-changing world of children as it is not fun and particularly individual. The traditional pen and paper method has been replaced by more definitely modern digital and virtual methods and this has posed both benefits and risks to children. S. Jianhong et generally al. (2010), claims that an ever-increasing number of instructors particularly argue that children kind of invest fairly more energy on the Web instead of learning. Furthermore, a study that the lack of qualified teachers will hinder for all intents and purposes higher education in many schools and individuals are going through extraordinary lengths of adapting to the adverse effects of IT technology, or so they specifically thought. Numerous children are now also accustomed to the use of information and communication technology (ICT) and actually have obtained the thought that it can aid them to really maximize their academic goals. Witt et al. (2004) studied the impact of technology on teachers\' and students \'learning expectations have really found that the inclusion of technology hindered teachers\' ability to teach effectively in a really major way. To solve this problem, teachers must learn how to use it effectively. Students also need to be taught how to use technology effectively and pro-actively so that both parties can benefit from it. Technology creates a distraction from \'attention\' infrequently exposed children. This limited attention span affects a child\'s ability to benefit from the classroom. With the increasing use of telecommunications, technology becomes increasingly adaptive as the human brain continues to process tasks. The brain often goes out of the task and moves on to really other tasks. Daily reading is decreasing due to advances in technology which intern has a kind of negative effect on children’s academic performance. Attention span development is suffering from environmental factors, or so they thought. With the varied kinds of technology available, kids are typically more distracted and are really incapable to really concentrate and this poses an inconvenience to both educators and students. However, children who use technology and the Internet are often considered better at solving brain problems and making decisions in a subtle way. Technology allows a pupil to literally take a modern view on education who mostly do now no longer prefer the old fashion or traditional methods. In addition, it also definitely offers endless possibilities to college students to effectively research and learn in a much less time-consuming and convenient manner. Furthermore, it helps in school and literally offers possibilities to college students to generate hobbies in diverse effective ways, which kind of is quite significant. There are virtual videos that essentially assist them to study new skills, video games to specifically reinforce their vocabularies, and e-books that aid in getting to know the experience. Classroom technology and its integration actually need to be developed. As technology is integrated and adapted into the school culture, it is necessary to build and develop technical skills together in a particularly big way. In conclusion, this essay has highlighted fairly major areas of how technology actually has impacted children and displayed the importance of the topic. Children are vastly vulnerable and exposed to various aspects of the world around us, and each child is uniquely influenced, which is fairly significant. Whether it is violent, or offensive behaviour caused by content or obesity caused by being lethargic in an actual big way. Children can be affected with respect to their health and morals, as well as their ability to learn and maintain relationships in a major way. In today\'s world. The benefits of technological progress are undeniable, but the drawbacks mostly are just as apparent.

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