The Impact of Ultrasonic Sounds on Children

The Impact of Ultrasonic Sounds on Children
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📌Published: 11 April 2021

In Great Britain, ultrasonic sounds were a new advancement that created tension among those who lived there. Ultrasonic sounds are sounds of high frequency that cannot be heard by adults because they have what's called presbycusis. Ultrasonic sounds should be prohibited because due to the mosquito, the purpose of the ultrasonic sounds has shifted, and it violates the rights of children and how they are linked to real life.

To start, ultrasonic sounds drift teens apart. Recently, there has been a new idea of applying ultrasonic sounds to a product which has hit the industry tremendously. One of those products that were recently created was named The Mosquito. It is crucial to understand that it is possible to install this product inside your home. For specific purposes, it is important to grasp that others of different ages can’t hear the treacherous noise and the children could use this product to drive away younger children from their home. This is immediately wrong and unsafe because ‘Teens Hear ‘Silent’ RingTone’ according to "Many shopkeepers in Great Britain have installed Mosquitoes to drive away young ruffians.”  The particular reason for this circumstance of this product was to get children off their property and prevent them from being loud, but it changed very rapidly. The alternation of this product has changed in a way that is clearly known for children being unwanted on one’s property. Children are known for wandering off, but it is something that needs to be controlled in a more adequate way. It is worth noting that "Kids and teens began uploading the file onto their cellphones, creating an ultrasonic ring tone that only they, not their presbycusis elders, can hear", according to 'Teens Hear ‘Silent’ RingTone'. This is essential because children took this ultrasonic sound and completely altered its use. Although they are just children, they need to be controlled in a way that prevents potential damage. 

Apart from the misuse of the sounds, they are a major violation of the rights of children. For these young children, these ultrasonic sounds are very dangerous and can give them long-term hearing problems, which also applies to animals. Specifically, knowing they are still young long-term hearing problems are typically affected with aging, so; therefore purposely putting these children at harm isn’t worth the risk.  Based on 'Buzzzzz off!' Does Mosquito Violate Kids’ Rights?’ "The devices are also harmful because prolonged exposure to the noise could hurt kids' hearing."The real answer is yes, these noises could keep children away, but in the long run, it affects most of them and exposes their ears to unfit noises. Another way in which ultrasonic sounds violate the rights of children is that they create a stereotype that all children are ‘trouble makers.’This is important because not all children deserve to be prejudiced as 'bad children' and that affects their own self-worth-related thinking. The children's last violation is, according to 'Buzzzzz off!’ Does Mosquito Violate Kids’ Rights?’ "It is not right to place the device in a public place.”This demonstrates how kids have the right to be in public places, not just adults. I am convinced that growing up is a risky part of life, but to grow up you need to experience what it is like to partake in environments with adults. As you can see ultrasonic sounds should be banned as a consequence of interfering with the blossoming that needs to be taking part in these children's lives.  

To sum up, everything that has been said so far, ultrasonic sounds have negatively impacted the overall behavior of children.  It is important to know that this sound can also be linked to external sources, such as how it was applied in a film and even to Greek mythology. In fact, the upcoming film 'The Messengers' was promoted via ultrasonic sounds. According to 'Sony Ringing Teens Only for ‘Messengers’,' "Sony Pictures has included that in its dossier of digital-marketing tools a ringtone only for young customers.” This is important because the protagonist uses ultrasonic sounds to hide in the film from her parents, and Sony sold these real ultrasonic sounds in real life. This is atrocious because the children who buy these ringtones promote the wrong behavior which impacts what the child may come off as.  Also, the Sirens let out an ultrasonic like sound in Greek mythology that is bad for those who hear it. While being young, we need to engage ourselves to do what is right for ourselves for the years ahead of us.  According to 'The Song of the Sirens', "Fashion soft sweet-smiling wax in your hands and plug the ears.” This demonstrates that, because of how dangerous it was, they plugged their ears with wax to prevent them from hearing the sounds. Although those who chose to cover their ears were preceding in a smart decision, this is still something that should not be looked upon as good to take advantage of. 

Overall, because ultrasonic sounds are not beneficial to society and anyone who uses them for that matter, ultrasonic sounds should be banned. The purpose of ultrasonic sounds has been changed because of the mosquito, and it violates the rights of children, and how they are linked to real-life are all reasons why ultrasonic sounds should be banned. If we allow these ultrasonic sounds to continue, children will be looked at as something they are not, which may lead to more abuse of the use of these ultrasonic sounds.

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