The Impacts of 2020 Essay Example

The world is rapidly evolving. The racial justice and the COVID-19 pandemic have reshaped our thoughts of the future. As we remain in isolation from the world around us and see humans murdered because of race. We should think of what is to come of this future. According to Politico Magazines, the extent of the coronavirus crisis invokes 9/11 or the 2008 financial crisis occurrences that have transformed society in a permanent way. The racial justice act makes citizens wonder about its lasting effects. It has indeed brought people from all over the world to fight together in one union for equality. 

On December 31, 2019 COVID-19 was reported. It was declared a global health emergency by the WHO on January 30, 2020. Few people knew of this pandemic at this post of time. Corona hasn’t spread to too many countries. The world was normal. The world was busy. Then we were put in quarantine. Life was put on pause. By informing individuals that life is fragile and sacred, this global pandemic would influence the world and its citizens.

Another fact to consider is that COVID took many lives too short. On the other hand, it provided us a lesson in appreciation and knowledge as well. We will learn to cherish ourselves and one another. Humans have gained plenty from this pandemic as well. It forced people to find themselves. And try new things they never would have imagined. Corona opened many eyes to new ideas. People who didn’t have time for their families now do. A lasting effect is that people will know the power of family and fun. And the balance of work, school, and social lives. Uniquely most people have lost that social part in isolation. 

Furthermore, racial injustice has been going on for years. From Martin Luther’s, “I have a Dream” speech to now. Our world has learned that we will fight and stand together. A lasting effect is people's hope and faith. And their humanity for standing by each other. This movement has made a stance for years to come. As toleration of these racial injustice acts is no longer. By all means, people will not stand by these actions. We have learned to not be afraid. And stand up for our beliefs and others.  

Lastly during this pandemic schools are no longer in-person nor as most companies. We use technology to communicate with people and socialize. We learn from a screen and work from our homes from our devices. Corona has forced us to rely on technology for everyday use. This impacts us as our world is depending on these screens. This will mean that we need more technological advances to make a better future. The more use of technology the more demand for new ideas and inventions. 

Taking everything into consideration these events have united us yet have separated us. It has shown us value. It has shown our dependencies on technology. It has brought faith and hope. And it has brought families together. We have learned how to adapt to change. Especially, when we weren’t aware of it.


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