The Importance of Books In My Life

The Importance of Books In My Life
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📌Published: 09 April 2021

In first grade, I could barely read. Coming from an immersion Chinese preschool, I was behind in English. The first time I visited my kindergarten classroom, I was surprised that everyone spoke English. When first grade started I was very behind in my reading. My teachers contacted my parents and told them I was required to go to a special class to improve my reading skills. Unfortunately for me, the special class took place during the best part of the day, recess. After reluctantly going to the class for a few weeks, my reading ability skyrocketed. I read the hardest book in the classroom; a penguin cinderella story. I have loved reading ever since. 

The school library has been a second home for me, for as long as I can remember. The two librarians know me by name. For a long time, my goal was to read every single book in the entire library. Sadly, I never achieved that goal, but I did read about one book each day. The librarians started letting me checkout the books without stamping the return date. They knew I would always return the book the next day. 

One of the many fictional characters that I have read about in that library was Kaz Brekker. In the traditional story he would be the 2D villain, but in Six of Crows you really get to understand him, not just who everyone thinks he is. He has motives and he loves people, even if it is hard for him. From that book I learned a lot about how the past can really shape how a person acts, thinks, and feels. Kaz is definitely not a role model. He ripped out someone’s eye and broke into a prison for money. Yet he is not just pure evil. He does care and he is human. In most books, you aren't supposed to like the criminals. 

Books are a huge component of my life. I read my favorites multiple times, over and over. I learned half my vocabulary from said books. For a while I thought demon rhymed with lemon. I was shocked when my parents told me otherwise. Without these books, I do not think I would be the same person I am today.

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