The Importance Of Deaf Culture Essay Example

The Importance Of Deaf Culture Essay Example
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

In the three articles and discussions from class, I learned about the importance and meaning of Deaf culture. I think that it’s a great idea to capitalize the word Deaf to decrease stigma around being deaf as a disability. (Clason, 2019, Page 1). According to Hands and Voices “There is also a difference between when and how to put the capital letter.” When referring to the word as an audiological condition of not hearing, it is ok to use lowercase. When referring to a particular group of deaf people it is proper to use uppercase. (Hands and Voices, page 3). According to Clason the cochlear implant is more popular among hearing parents than deaf parents. I learned in class that Parents want their kids to be like them more than anything, so there is a sense of pride when a deaf parent has a deaf child. According to Horace Miner, there is a body ritual that the Nacirema do that is sacred in body language. “The fundamental belief underlying the whole system appears to be that the human body is ugly and that it’s natural tendency is to debility and disease.” ( Miner, 1956, page 503). They then have to help the human body through ritual and ceremony. Through all these informational findings I learned more about the importance and meaning behind Deaf culture.

In learning about the importance and meaning of Deaf culture I discovered so many things about it that I did not know before; such as the benefits for the Deaf community which include, improved self-esteem, sense of one’s history, respect and use of sign language, emphasis on one’s strengths, and community acceptance. (Hands and Voices, page 5).” In the Deaf community deafness is regarded to be a cultural phenomenon, rather than a disabling condition…”( Hands and Voices, page 5). I understand after reading and learning about deaf culture that using words such as '' hearing impaired” or “disabled” are more offensive than using words such as “deaf “ or “ hard of hearing”. (Hands and Voices, page 5). I also had no idea that there were laws that have Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) that have to comply with hearing screens. ( Hands and Voices, page 9). According to Clason deaf people see the world in a different way than the hearing see it. Most deaf believe they don’t have a disability and don’t want to be fixed. (Clason, 2019, page 1). I can see why deaf culture is so important. It does allow the Deaf community to be who they are and feel important as anyone else, just as any culture would feel. Even the Nacirema see the importance through body rituals. I learned so much through reading these articles and discussing Deaf culture in my ASL class.

Learning about the Importance of Deaf culture and its meaning has taught me how deaf people feel, how they have a sense of pride in who they are, and where their history comes from to where they are today as deaf people. I now know that the way people refer to deaf people can be offensive depending on the wording. I see that there is history that goes all the way back to the early 50’s that see body ritual as an importance in how people see themselves. I learned that Deaf parents are proud to have a deaf child and that

it is rare percent among them. I think that knowing all this is going to help me understand Deaf culture more than I did before.

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