The Importance of Memories in People’s Lives

The Importance of Memories in People’s Lives
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📌Published: 11 March 2021

The memory of when I was young warmed my heart. My loving mother would tell me that I was always outgoing, and I had many friends. I have always helped others and was always caring. Kids appreciated me and liked me for who I am. Every time my mom brings up that memory I always smile because it warms my heart to hear that I was a very good person. Remembering these past stories has helped me interpret them into my own life to make it better. I will never forget this beautiful memory because it helps me see who I was in the past and helps me move forward in life. Memories in people’s lives are really important because they help them look back and see what they have remembered in their family’s history, helps them remember from previous experiences, and helps them see what they have accomplished. 

Having the ability to remember our family’s history from the past is incredibly important as it helps us understand what our families went through. In the novel, Men of Stone, Aunt Freida came to stay with Ben’s family. She helped Ben, a 15-year-old boy, with what he was going through, by telling him stories about her past. “Stalin’s men. They took him to prison. Men with no faces, no eyes, no expression at all”(89). We can see that Aunt Frieda was telling Ben about the men of stone, and how they stormed into her house and took her husband away from her. She told him many stories about her past because it was important for him to know about his family’s history. Going through bullying in school made Ben feel devastated, but being told about all these stories helped him with what he was going through, and it also made him feel strong about his beliefs. Without these memories, she would not be able to tell him about her past. This shows that by listening to Aunt Freida’s stories Ben was able to use his memories and learn about his family’s history. Consequently, all these magnificent memories have helped him with what he was going through, and it made him feel like a whole new person. Memories are incredibly important because without them we would not be able to remember our family’s past. 

Learning from past experiences is tremendously important because it helps us become better people in the future. In the book, The World Ends in April, Eleanor, a 12-year-old girl, loved science. She liked learning about astronomy and loved the planets. Reading about asteroids was her favourite thing to do. Once she learned that an asteroid hit earth 100 years ago, and many people died because it was unexpected. She came across an article about an asteroid striking earth in April, and she freaked out. Emailing, and telling everyone about it was what she did. She took all her precautions and tried to protect everyone she loved. Making posters, and putting them all around the school made her feel happy because she was trying to protect everyone. Consequently, she protected her community and friends from the asteroid that will strike the earth. This shows that learning from past experiences can help improve our lives and make them better. We can see that Eleanor learned from a past event, and she told everyone about it to protect them from harm. Having these memories from the past can help develop our futures. It can also make us live our lives easier. These memories are extremely important because, without them, we would not be able to learn from the past and interpret them into today’s world.

Memories help us look back and see what we have accomplished. When I was a little kid I was very clever. Winning academic certificates, and getting scholarships made me feel victorious. I would always try new things, and be cooperative. As a kid, I felt like I was going to be very successful in life. Looking back and seeing everything that I have accomplished warms my heart. Feeling proud of myself helps me become a better person because I have overcome many obstacles just to be here today. All these memories from the past have been extremely helpful because they are the reason I’m here today. Looking back and seeing what I have accomplished in the past makes my heart smile. This shows that looking back and seeing what we have accomplished helps us move forward in life. Now I know that when I’m feeling disappointed or regretful I can look back into my memories and see what I have accomplished to make me feel more proud of myself. It is really important to have memories because we can remember the things that we have accomplished in the past to make us feel more cooperative and happy.

Memories are really important in people’s lives because they bring us together. Learning from these memories help us succeed in life, and they guide us in our futures. The memories give us the feeling of being comforted and united. All these memories help us look back and see what we have accomplished and learned in the past. They are truly essential in people’s lives because they stay with us forever, and we will never forget them. 

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