The Importance of Optimism Essay Example

The Importance of Optimism Essay Example
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📌Published: 03 May 2021

Did you know the simple act of smiling releases feel-good chemicals in the brain? Well, it does! Even a "pretend" smile can release these chemicals. People who smile are called optimists. Optimists look for the best in a situation. According to an article in Grolier, "Being optimistic impacts your physical health and happiness."

Studies show optimism can positively affect your health. Here's how. It turns out optimism can prevent depression. Optimism makes you more resistant to stress as well. Interestingly, people who are optimistic can live longer. One last thing before we move on: optimism even improves heart conditions! So, now you know, optimism is good for your health. 

I bet you're wondering if optimism affects anything else. Well, the answer is, it does! Optimism can even affect your happiness. For example, people who are optimistic expect positive things. When the going gets rough, or when things go wrong, they don't feel bad or let failure define them. Undoubtedly, optimism affects your happiness. 

Let's review what we have learned. Optimism can affect physical health and happiness. It can prevent depression. Being optimistic changes your outlook on things, like failure. Optimists also focus on getting better at the things they're bad at. Like I already said, optimism can affect those around you. So, the next time you see a person you don't know, make sure to smile!

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