The Importance of Serving Others

The Importance of Serving Others
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📌Published: 03 April 2021

Everyday, people my age have a chance to serve others, but they commonly neglect it. At school, you are given a chance to do something nice to a person that just might make their day or even their whole week. They could be having a horrible day and you won’t know, but simply going out of your way to say something nice or stick up for them could give them hope and uplift their mood. I always try to find ways to make my friends happy and feel loved, whether it is giving them food when they do not have lunch, giving them a ride home, or talking to them about how their day is going. Not only does this impact the other person, but it could inspire them to possibly do the same, causing a chain reaction. I have seen so much hatred, unhappiness, and pettiness in high school, so when somebody breaks that cycle, it is refreshing. It might seem insignificant, but everyday, you decide how you will interact with the people you are around, and every interaction is an opportunity to serve them. 

I go to a small private school in Elyria, Open Door Christian Schools, that has a service club. Because of the recent pandemic, it is not realistic for us to continue it, so that has made me reevaluate the way I am able to help those around me. I have done service projects in the past years, helping homeless/ less fortunate people through programs such as The Salvation Army. Recently, I have been forced to limit my influence to the people I am around daily, and focus on building my character. I think self improvement is necessary if one wants to serve others. Good deeds are nowhere near as valuable if they are coming from a place of bitterness rather than a place of love and generosity. It makes doing good deeds much more pleasurable, and the receivers appreciate it more. 

This past summer, I had the pleasure of working with a family friend who owns a housekeeping business. I was able to go to many people’s houses and clean for them. Even though it was a job, I focused my mindset from the money I was getting to how I was able to do those people a huge service. Many of them were elderly or unwell, so something as common as cleaning was an inconvenience to them. Even if the customers did not show gratitude, I was content knowing that I had done them a favor, and did it with a positive spirit. I enjoyed getting to know some of them and engaging in short conversations with them, but I think the service was what left a greater impression.

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