The Importance of the Phone Essay Example

When in an emergency, even a child knows that the best thing to do would be to call 911. But what if there was no phone to communicate. Without the phone, ambulances, police, and parents would not be able to be contacted quickly. This would put people in danger if something bad were to occur. Phones help provide fast communication and safety. Long distance communication has never been easier with phones. The phone has by far had the largest impact on humanity.

911 is an extremely important hotline that is called when a tragedy or accident happens and can save someone's life. The only way to do this however is if you have access to a phone. Phones were created to make an easier way of communication and have now become a customary object to have in everyday life. Without phones, safety will subside. According to, phones and 911 significantly increases one's safety if an accident were to transpire. Phones are the best way to contact authorities through fast and easy communication. 

Phones were invented back in 1876, and completely changed the way communication works. Eventually the phone evolved into what it is today and communication is easier than ever. According to, phones are a positive way to communicate with friends and family who reside elsewhere. These portable devices provide quick and easy communication, which is much easier than writing a letter or traveling just to have a conversation. Without phones, long distance communication would be strenuous.

Some may argue that phones do more harm than good and are one of the worst inventions. A good example of how phones can be bad is distracted driving. According to, 27% of car crashes in 2015 occurred due to distracted driving. Although this is very unfortunate, phones also have positive impacts on car crashes. To contact help when someone is involved in a car accident, people use phones and communicate with authorities. Without phones, car accident numbers would significantly decrease, but when a major car crash occurs, authorities would be alerted much later.

In conclusion, even though phones have negative connotations, the number of benefits out way any disadvantages that remain in modern society. When these devices are misused, the negative outcomes become visible and overshadow the positive effects. Phones are excellent inventions which when used properly can provide easy communication and help keep you safe in case of an emergency. Because of how much phones have benefited society today, they have left the biggest impact on humanity.


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