The Importance Of The Voting Age in The United States (Essay Example)

The Importance Of The Voting Age in The United States (Essay Example)
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📌Published: 01 April 2021

The voting age in the United States has always been a controversial topic of discussion.  Do we raise the age, Should we lower the age, should we keep it the same? There are people who agree with each statement, but there's never really been any massive action being taken to change it.  That was until recently. In my opinion, age should stay the same at least if not be raised. There are two main reasons why I believe that voting ages should stay the same.  Most underaged citizens have not had enough teaching on the voting necessities for one, and secondly, most are not mentally mature enough to make the right decision.  These, along with the apparent rebuttals, will be the topic of my essay.    

Voter education is one of the most crucial teachings you can teach a classroom full of young soon to be voters.  The reason why is because they are our future.  They pick who controls our country, and once that decision has been made, we are at the mercy of the government.  We can prevent this if we properly inform our young voters. Suppose we send them out into the world without the proper education, then how do we expect them to be able to make the right decisions.  As a young soon-to-be voter myself, I pay attention to politics way more than I used to try and pick up things from my parents.  Many of my friends are not doing the same because they are not as proactive as I am.  If we worried more about teaching people how to vote the what age they should vote, we would be ok.  

Secondly, children's mental maturity.  Most underaged voters are not mentally mature enough to make the right choices or even choose independently without external influence.  Most of them would vote for whoever their parents tell them to vote for.  I know that's what I would do if I had to vote right now. I firmly believe the mental maturity is just way too low to let kids my age vote.  That's saying something coming from someone who is apart of the group who would be allowed to vote.  I'm not the most mature person on the planet by all means, but I'm one of the most mature people I know of my age group.  

I know many people will say, “But a lot of kids ARE mature and know what to do,” and yes, there are those slim few who still give a sliver of hope to the 2004 generation. However, there are not enough to warrant the change. I agree that if the right action is taken, maybe in a couple of years, we can lower the voting age but not until the generation is prepared.  There is still the issue of mature decision making on the voters part. No schooling can teach that, and with that, I provide a solution—a parent permission form.  If the parent feels like their child can make a mature decision, they sign it and vote. 

In conclusion, The voting age should stay the same because if we lower the voting age, we are putting our nation at risk of a terrible presidential choice due to inefficient teaching techniques.  If we provide proper education, we can prevent any issues, but the decisions are still up to the people.  As a person growing up in the generation that will be affected most, I don’t believe that we should change the age, but that's just my opinion.  

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