The Importance Of Zoos Argumentative Essay Example

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  • Published: 15 May 2021
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There are thousands of endangered animals right now, today. But Zoos can fix that problem. Zoos are places where animals are held by zookeepers. This may not sound like a good thing, and some people are against zoos. But zoos are actually very important for several reasons. 

Zoos can help endangered species of animals reproduce, and add more population to the species. In the past, the species of the bald eagle became endangered due to pesticides that farmers put on their crops, which the eagles ate. The pesticides caused the eagles who ate it to have very thin eggs. So this meant that when the eagle would lay an egg, if they ate a crop with pesticides on it, the egg would have a very thin shell, and would usually crack open before the baby eagle was ready to hatch. This started to kill off the eagle population. The farmers were unaware that these pesticides were killing off the eagle population. In the year of 1972, scientists discovered that the pesticide was killing the eagles, so they banned this pesticide for farmers. By raising the public’s awareness, zoos protected a whole species from extinction.

Additionally, zoos are educating the public. They teach their visitors about the animals they are seeing. This information is usually told to the visitors through slideshows or movies. Zoos also publish guides on their website, if they have one, or sometimes even via books you can find in a local store. Zoos can be a way of educating young children about the environment and animals around them. 

Some zoos actually are rehabilitation centers. The workers go search for injured animals in the wild, bring them back, heal them, and set the animal back into the wild. Zoos also protect animals from their predators. When the zoo brings new animals in, those animals no longer have danger of starvation. Zoos make sure that their animals are fed healthy food daily. If zoos didn’t exist, many animals would be injured in the wild and wouldn’t have any help, possibly killing off the population of many species.

Zoos do much more good than harm to animals. Zoos protect animals from extinction, educate their visitors, and save injured animals. As long as we have zoos, Earth’s animals will be much safer. Zoos aren’t just for people to look at animals, they are there for a good reason. Zoos can save multiple species from extinction.


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