The Influence Of Sports In My Life

When I was young I found great joy in playing sports with my dad. He was able to give me a love for an active lifestyle as my family is always exercising together. I played many sports while growing up including basketball, soccer, cross country, and track which helped me develop important life skills like teamwork, responsibility, commitment, and leadership. Sports also allowed me to learn to deal with difficult situations for example, my senior year of high school during cross country season. I had to deal with low iron levels which greatly affected my sports performance. This created a frustrating period in my life however, it helped me learn how to take care of my body and properly fuel myself. This created my love for health as I was constantly learning ways to take care of myself. Those moments sparked my love for sports and recreation and carved my future career path. They inspired me to pursue exercise science and health promotion as a college major. In the future I plan to pursue a masters degree in exercise science. With this degree I intend to either become a certified athletic trainer to help athletes like myself live up to their potential or to become a registered dietician to help teach proper ways to fuel your body. One of my dream careers would be working with professional athletes whether that is to help them recover or replenish their bodies. My love for sports ultimately sculpted my interests and helped me find the perfect future career path that suits me.

Now I need more words so I am writing this to hopefully meet the requirement. I need three hundred more words but I have no idea how many I have just typed so I am continuing to type until I think it is good enough. Hopefully that is good beeping so I am going to submit it now.


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