The Internship Opportunity in Medicine Essay Example

The Internship Opportunity in Medicine Essay Example
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📌Published: 26 April 2021

For me the healthcare field is something that I have always been interested in. Being a part of this internship program will help me see all of the different areas of the hospital that I am not used to seeing. I have the general knowledge about all of the different fields and a general Idea of what I will like and dislike and this internship application will…. One of the many things that I have always enjoyed is taking care of kids and being with them. I am a very caring person and I know that the pediatrics field is something that I'm very interested in. 

One career path that I have been looking at a lot is Occupational Therapy. I have done a lot of research about what occupational therapists do and It really interests me. I think that being able to help people complete tasks that will help their daily life improve would feel so rewarding in the long run.  Since I enjoy helping people I feel like this career path could be really good for me. I read that in the second half in this internship we can request to study in specific fields and this is a field that I am very strongly considering….

Something that excites me about this internship opportunity is the fact that we are able to get an amazing first hand experience of the medical field. When researching We can learn a lot about the job and what it entails but we will never be able to know what it's like firsthand through a computer. I'm a very Hands-On learner and being able to learn important information to make my career choice from experts is a great opportunity.  Being able to have this hands on experience will likely help me get over some of my fears in the hospitals such as needles...

One of the big things about Having a profession in the medical field is that a majority of the things that you do requires social interaction with people and being able to talk to strangers well. I consider myself a very outgoing person and lots of people that I know that work in the medical field say that that is a very important factor because one of the big things about that job is interacting with people no matter the circumstance. A lot of the time doctors and nurses will have to tell people news that they don't want to hear or expect to hear and make the patient feel comfortable throughout the hard time and I feel like I could be very good at that. Along with that a big thing for medical professionals is communication and connection. If you are taking care of a patient and they don't feel comfortable around you it is going to be very hard for them to open up about how they're feeling so building a relationship with them could be very helpful for you and for them in the long run.

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