The Issue That Is Causing Divorce Essay Example

The Issue That Is Causing Divorce Essay Example
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📌Published: 26 March 2021

The rate of divorces are almost above the rate of a marriage lasting . Actually, at an astounding 39 percent is the divorce rate this year, reviewed by Since 2008 the rate of divorce has been at a constant downfall and why is that? Is it because this generation is looking deeper than the looks? Is it because more people have been clicking more frequently? Well, one thing is for sure, marriages today are at a 51 year low for keeping them alive. 

The issue started when divorce got legalized in 1857, but that doesn't mean that it was very popular. Only 0.4 percent of couples got a divorce in the eighteen hundreds but in the early nineteen hundreds there was a small increase by .8 percent. Back then more people would rather just get separated and even the people that did looked through the church as the superior way. At the mid way point in the 1950s-1990s there must have been a change of heart because the rate went to an all time high and more than 50 percent of all marriages ended in divorce. Now the rate is steadily declining, suggested by many websites including and more. What even causes these unfortunate breakups?

The issue that is causing divorce is a variety of things, such as not agreeing on important decisions anymore which is very harmful to your family wellbeing and future, suggests  All the way to not being supportive to your spouse in life's struggles which leads into just plain old disrespect ads proposes that society is making divorce less of a big deal now that it's so popular and that people are getting divorced over things that can be worked out easier. When divorce was at its lowest point in the 1800s it was a big deal to be getting a divorce and you needed a really good reason. This may hint why it is getting lower because society is realizing that divorcees may need to be over more serious things. What group of people is even altered by divorce?

The group most affected by divorce isn't the actual husband and wife, it's the parents kids. The reason behind this isn't only the physiological strane they are put through, it's how it affects the next generation.  According to the they took a survey and most kids of divorce want a happy and wonderful life for their kids. Which explains why it is at a steady decrease because all of the kids want a good life for their kids and the cycle repeats.

Divorce has a large impact on society, not just when it happens, but the years after. The reason behind the increasing divorce rates is the kids not wanting to go through what their parents did.  

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