The Little Prince Summary

The Little Prince Summary
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📌Published: 05 April 2021

The Little Prince, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is a short novel about a stranded pilot, who narrates the story, and his encounter with a little prince in the middle of the Sahara desert while trying to repair his plane. The story outlines the little prince’s journey from his home planet, Asteroid B-612, to when he reaches Earth. Throughout the little prince’s travels, he meets many different people, animals, and objects who give him life lessons through their words and actions. These life lessons that are given to the narrator can resonate with people of all ages and depending on the person, they may interpret these lessons differently than what others may.

The people who the little prince meets throughout his travels to different planets are a King, a self-absorbed man, a drunk man, a businessman, a lamplighter, and a geographer, who all will not take their focus away from doing their desired actions, which is how many adolescents view adult figures in their lives. This is supported due to the fact that in a previous chapter, the narrator, who seems to dislike adults, talks about how adults only care about numbers, which can be seen in the businessman who desires to continuously count stars.

Some of the greatest advice in this novel comes from one of the animals which the little prince has befriended on his journey, the fox. After the little prince tells the fox that he believes the singular rose on his home planet was not as unique as he imagined it was, the fox tells the little prince that it is the time that you spend with the rose which will make it unique to you.

In conclusion, The Little Prince is a story which can be appreciated by both children and adults for the simple messages which it is trying to convey about friendships.

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