The love of God. Argumentative Essay Example

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  • Published: 17 March 2021
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Webster’s dictionary defines faith as complete trust or confidence in something or someone.  It’s a synonym for belief, and for many, having faith in something one can not see poses a challenge.  Especially when it comes to God, many people have difficulty accepting his existence and the idea that he is benevolent.  Benevolence means kindness, mercy, and justness.  God’s mercy surrounds the world through the input of trials as a result of people’s distortion of natural knowledge due to sinful nature.  The world is not perfect and one can see these imperfections in mistakes.  One can take the United States government as an example, they have not always made the best decisions in the countries past.  The way they have dealt with racial discrimination with the Jim Crow laws that made segregation a rightful law, and the increasing amount of riots in the United States in the current times eludes to the imperfections in the World.  This symbolizes God’s kindness in a peculiar way of allowing humans to have free will.  Free will is a gift.  Democracy expresses the idea that people have a say in what happens to them.  A being as powerful and omniscient as God does not have to give people this ability.

It may seem strange; moreover, God puts people through trials in order to teach us and through this He is merciful.  The Biblical and historical figure, Job, never questions God’s justness.   Job's trials were never intended as a punishment; in fact, he was a pious man and would have nothing to be punished for. Instead, the trials were a test of his faith. In the Book of Job, Satan challenges God for Job's faith even under extreme duress, saying that he is only pious because of his comfortable life. By removing the comfort, God tests Job's commitment and his real, objective belief in his religion. Although Job laments his misfortune, he never blames God, instead simply wondering why he was chosen.  Job’s story symbolizes the ferment it takes to believe in God.  If God were not real, how could his faith grow through the trials?  God never left his side; instead of questioning why he was doing this, he accepted it as the Lord showing mercy to a sinful man.  Everyone deserves to be punished, but by pushing people through trials, he allows them the chance for eternal life in heaven.  Pi Martel, in The Life of Pi, suffers through a terrible trial of the constant threat of life and death while he tries to survive months on a lifeboat.  Pi’s main spark of life was his belief in God.  While it may not be the same approach to God that many people have, his love for God expresses the truth in the Lord.  He could not have survived if the Lord was not on his side through his mere existence and mercy.

Everything in the World points to God; human being suppresses and distorts their natural knowledge of God through sin.  The book, Totally Surrounded by Christina Di Stefano Davis, shares the true story of a missionary who travels through a dangerous jungle in the Philippines to administer to the unreached people groups in an animistic culture.  These people grew to know God quickly because they previously understood there was a powerful being above them but the truth covered by sin.  Each of their stories symbolizes the love of God.  His benevolence and existence are highlighted throughout the book when Christina told the people about God and they reacted with pure joy.  Joy like that doesn’t appear out of thin air; they knew deep in their hearts who God was.  God’s existence isn’t only in the hearts of people, but He illustrates it throughout the entire world.  The Grand Canyon, for example, highlights God’s ability to wipe out the world with a flood.  Many creationists highlight this miraculous landmark as a crucial illustration of God’s benevolence and existence because of the evidence that God did send a flood to wipe everything off the face of the Earth.  The seas creature fossils and rock layers that prove the flash flooding, highlight His abilities of an all-powerful being who has promised to never do such a thing again.  If humans are so sinful, there is no reason he shouldn’t send another flood, but He doesn’t.  One may say that God’s benevolence is obsolete because of the trying times of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Through these trying times, the human race has struggled immensely while loved ones are dying and everything seems to be falling to pieces all around the world.  God’s plan is not finished, however.  He always has a plan for each person and in allowing mistakes to be made and the course of life to go on, everyone will have a chance to spend eternal life in heaven.


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