The Media’s Praise Essay Example

The Media’s Praise Essay Example
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

The media praises everything that they are not. they want to be what they are not. They want to appeal to liberals. they want to be “cool.” anything that is a threat to Americans, they choose to focus on and promote. Why would they do that? What does the media hate about Americans? i don’t know. I don't even see why they would or how they could.

The media outwardly praises and promotes the awful anti-American narrative. they promote china all the time. all of the time. how do they do it? by censoring the story of hunter biden’s laptop, the swalwell scandal, and many more before the election. Yes, that relates to china. But, how does it relate to china? Well, they want Biden in the Oval Office. to me, that’s a bit worrisome, in fact it’s downright terrifying. How did we, the American people, let the American government get so close to such an awful place, china. i don’t know how. The communist country China is one step away from ruling America. they did it to hong kong, so then who’s to say they won’t eventually take us down? President Trump did. President Trump literally cut our relations with them, to only receive non stop hate (what a surprise!). but with biden, we might as well give xi jinping an office in the White House! I am not exaggerating either. Biden shared an office with some chinese guy connected to the communist government. The media loves China and even praised them like the “heroes” they were for handling the coronavirus pandemic so well. yes, more than a year later and here we are in another continent dealing with it. why was the media praising china for handling covid “so well,” why? i know why! because the media is owned by China, like the Biden family is. 

Black lives matter was huge this summer in the media. so you might ask, how does the media praise racism? because they continue to cover protests, they feed into hate, and they like to glorify hate. I know for a fact that the Miami channel 6 covered protests for a bajillion days straight (well, maybe that was exaggerating). but, don’t tell me that that wasn’t a form of racism, that gives into the hatred of Americans who are not colored. remember, and this might shock you, racism applies to all races. yes, i said it. racism applies to: whites, blacks, hispanics, native Americans, asians, and all others. 

The hate that I witnessed this summer was like none other. it was so sad and it really could’ve stopped sooner if the media stopped covering every single peaceful riot. Does anyone remember when a CNN reporter said that he was covering a, and i quote, “fiery but, mostly peaceful protest.” that’s absurd! so, do these people glorify hate? um, yes! they keep on talking about representation (which i don’t have a problem with just don’t have it apply to one race) and what’s “wrong” with America. by the way, America is the best nation and just because we are flawed does not mean we are an awful nation. 

Liberalism is apparent in the media. as if you didn’t know already. liberalism is so so sooo toxic in today’s society. almost everything that you see in the media is one sided. the media bows down to progressives like AOC and such. Why do these people have a love affair with all things liberal? liberalism is just out of control. it would not be as mainstream as it is if it wasn’t for the media mob. it makes no sense that people don’t call them out. They have blatant disrespect for President Trump and decide to hail antifa and the blm movement. 

Why does the media love to hurt the American people? why? aren’t these people American? yes they are. Then, what is the reason? why? When and why are the questions I always ask. but, the real question here is: did the media want to swing our election? Did the media want China in the White House? yes! The media censored a story about hunter biden’s child support battle with a stripper. I mean, who would want to vote for that guy’s father? The media censored stories about covid before the chinese government announced it. The media swung the election and helped China by doing so. The only way to make sure the media does not gain more control is to stop catering to their every whim. Thank you for reading and I pray you learned something.

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