The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Analysis

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Analysis
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In the short story, “Metamorphosis,” by Franz Kafka, Gregor wakes up one morning as an insect. Not knowing how this change occurred, Gregor and his family are perplexed by his new state. Gregor should not forgive his family because after undergoing his metamorphosis, his family chose to act cruelly towards Gregor as he was now an unwanted aspect of their life. 

Previous to Gregor’s metamorphosis, he was the only person in the household who worked and provided for his family. Although, when Gregor was unable to work, his family quickly became cruel as they were repulsed and ashamed of him. After Gregor’s father entered his room, Gregor, “stood still in fright, for his father had decided to bombard him,” (Kafka 168). Gregor’s father had the utmost intention of harming Gregor, despite Gregor’s petrified reaction. Gregor’s father and family are consistently physically and emotionally abusive towards him because of his new form. 

Toward the end of Gregor’s Transformation, his family did not view him as part of the family. Thus being, his family began to refer to Gregor as if he was merely an object.  His sister confesses that Gregor “must be gotten rid of, you must try to get rid of the idea that this thing is Gregor.” (Kafka 108-109). Gregor’s family is horrified by his new appearance and wants nothing to do with him. To his family, he is nothing more than a burden. Instead of attempting to help and understand Gregor, they decide to neglect him and the situation entirely, causing Gregor to feel unwanted and isolated. Some people may believe that Gregor should forgive his family because nobody in his household knew how to handle living with a bug, but Gregor still was a member of the family in which they should have acknowledged and supported.

After Gregor’s metamorphosis, his family wishes nothing more than to be rid of him, and the burden he is holding over them. Despite Gregor once being a member of the family, the entire family is persistently brutal and rash towards him. Although Gregor has no concept of why he turned into an insect, his family disregards his emotions and feelings.

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