The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell Analysis

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  • Published: 19 May 2021
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In the text “The most dangerous Game” it is a story about mixing brain and bronze to win and be the Best player out there. The text is about hunting sailors who crash onto the land and seeing if he could find them and catch them. If these players can survive 3 days without being caught by the General they win their freedom but Little known to the general another hunter washes up on the beach and it flips the story with the hunter becoming the hunted and flipping the tables on the General at his own game. 

As we can See early In the story our protagonist is trying his hand at the game when very early the General already catches him. Although instead of killing him and ending the game the General He decides to get cocky and flaunt his intelligence. In the text it says,” Very deliberately he blew a smoke ring into the air; then he turned his back on the tree and walked carelessly away.” This shows his Cockiness and his idea that he will be able to find the Hunter again. I think the reason why the Author included this piece of the story is because I think he is trying to foreshadow that he will later regret his decision of not killing the hunter on the spot. 

As we can see a little later into the story the Hunter Starts to rethink his plan of attack and starts to play the offense by setting up traps and is starting to use his brain more than he did the first time. A piece of evidence that supports this claim is,"Nothing escaped those searching black eyes, no crushed blade of grass, no bent twig, no mark, no matter how faint, in the moss. So intent was the Cossack on his stalking that he was upon the thing Rainsford had made before he saw it.” As we can see in this piece of evidence the Hunter starts to use all of his abilities to flip the script and turn the table on the general. I think the author Included this Because he wanted to show that Anybody can be relentless if given the proper situation. 

Later on into the story the hunter catches the general off guard by faking his death and killing the general after he thinks he has won. I think what the author was trying to do in this story is to show how people can change after being put into a situation such as in this story. After the Hunter is caught he now knows that he has to do anything to survive which means going down to the generals level. He shows that with enough determination anything can be done.


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