The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant Analysis

The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant Analysis
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📌Published: 28 April 2021

The Necklace is a touching story about Mathilde Loisel, a charming young lady living a middle-class lifestyle. Along with the names of the characters and choice of phrasing, I would assume that this story might’ve taken place in France, around the 1800s. Mathilde was born into a family of clerks and wedded by a kindhearted, yet meaningless clerk from the Board of Education. She continuously dreams of luxury and the materialistic life she’s always wanted. One evening, her husband came home with the surprise of a special envelope held in his hand. They were both invited to a fancy ball at the palace of the Ministry but she declines the offer. Mathilde felt ashamed because she couldn’t afford an elegant dress or a single jewel to place around her neck. She’s embarrassed by her lack of wealth and says, “No; there’s nothing more humiliating than to look poor among other women who are rich.” (de Maupassant 2). This issue shows Mathilde’s inability to accept her state in life, while her husband is distinctively uninterested in financial status. Through her husband’s plan, Mathilde borrows a beautiful diamond necklace from her friend, Mme. Forestier. Later that night, she ends up losing the necklace, this is where she changes as a dynamic character. After many years of hard work, Mathilde could finally replace the expensive necklace. She then gave the substitution to Mme. Forestier hoping she doesn’t notice a difference. The price she paid turned out to be the most regretful mistake of her life.

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