The Negative Effects of Animal Testing

The Negative Effects of Animal Testing
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📌Published: 28 March 2021

Are you for or against Animal Testing? There are lots of good things and lots of bad things about Animal Testing. I believe that Animal Testing is horrible because many innocent animals are experimented on, enduring a lot of pain through the process, and animal testing costs an enormous amount of money. Animal Testing is Inhumane. They test on Pregnant animals and could risk killing their baby. After the experiment, the animals are injured and will still live the remainder of their lives in captivity. Animals are alive while being tested on. ¨300 animals are in pain for just over 1 year¨ (¨Should animals be used for scientific¨). I have 3 dogs and I would never want them to get hurt in any way for science. Not only is animal testing a problem but the cost is a major problem too. Is spending 26 million a year worth it? Animal Testing costs tons of money every year because the animals have to be fed, housed, cared for, and treated with drugs. The pricing of each animal’s testing differs. A rabbit’s eye costs 1,800. A rat’s phototoxicity test costs 11,500, and a rat’s developmental toxicity test costs 50,000. Animal Testing occurs more than once and over the course of months, additional costs are incurred. ¨89% of research is irreproducible, wasting 26 million dollars¨(¨Should Animals be used for Scientific¨). Animal Testing should be banned because they are wasting millions of dollars that could go to something way more important or better. The scientists are wasting so much money on the test for animals and drugs that are killing animals and failing. The amazing drugs found by animal testing. Over 115 million animals were tested on the drugs and the scientist only approved 59 to work on humans; therefore the majority of these drugs are not successful. All the drugs went on and caused 27,000 heart attacks and Cardiac deaths. There are 93 dangerous side effects of drugs. ¨High doses in any drugs on pregnant animals could kill their babies¨ (¨Should Animals be used for Scientific¨). It is wrong to use animals to find drugs or vaccines when they constantly don’t work or fail. After looking at this issue from both sides, I feel strongly that animal testing is inhumane, cruel, and should be banned because of the harm the animals are put through. There is a very rare chance the drug will work on humans, so why experiment on innocent animals with no ending resolution. Drugs will react differently in an animal’s body than in humans. Many animals are dying at the hands of scientists and they need to find other ways to run tests and experiments.

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